Xiaobian tells you the correct order of 7 makeups

What is your makeup order on weekdays? Is it orderly and in one go? Or do you want to paint as you like? Today, Xiaobian summed up the correct order of the usual makeup , and often take a look at the MM that always wears makeup or starts to learn makeup!

Xiaobian tells you the correct order of 7 makeups

Makeup cream or moisturizer

Depending on the situation, most people only need to choose 2, the moisturizer/cream is no matter how light or thin, it will affect the effect of makeup. Now almost all makeup primers have a moisturizing effect. Remember to apply sunscreen before applying makeup.

2. Liquid Foundation

After the bottom is done, the first step in applying makeup is to apply a liquid foundation. Just like painting, the beautiful makeup needs a flawless canvas. After the liquid foundation is finished, our skin is ready to be put on makeup.

3. Concealer

After applying the foundation, look at the flaws on the face that need to be corrected. Apply a concealer to cover it.

4. Loose powder makeup

This step of makeup is very important. It can make the foundation and the face coated with concealer lasting for a long time without makeup. It can also make the skin look perfect and prepare for the makeup step .

5. Draw eye makeup

Steps on the upper eye makeup: Eyebrows -> Eyeshadow -> Eyeliner -> Mascara

6. Paint your lips

Steps for upper Lip Makeup: Lip Balm -> Lip Liner -> Lip Balm -> Lip Gloss (or people who don't like lip balm can just use lip gloss.)

7. Upper blush

If you need to repair your capacity, then first blush, then shadow, and finally highlight. >>>Loli makeup tutorial makes you cute and charming

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