Xiaobian reveals six tips for using foundation

When many girls use the foundation, they can't always use it. Instead, they can make their face become a big white face! It is better to look good when not using the foundation, so you need to pay attention to many details when choosing and applying. ignore. Today, 360 cosmetics network Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the tips of the use of foundation .

Xiaobian reveals six tips for using foundation

1, the color of the foundation should use the body color

The foundation is used to make the skin problem not prominent, and the skin is closer to the ideal state. If it is whiter than the skin itself, it will make the makeup very unnatural, so be sure to choose a color that looks natural and close to your skin tone when choosing a foundation.

First apply the liquid foundation to the position of the collarbone, then observe the color difference from a distance and choose the skin color or a slightly darker color.

2, do not use 100% foundation

After highlighting the facial features, the skin pigmentation is not so obvious, so in the makeup stage, 100% coverage and partial coverage of the makeup will be excessive. So of course you can set aside 30% of the "flaws"!

3, use the foundation to create a healthier complexion!

The role of the foundation is to repair the skin's color and give the skin a natural glow. At the same time, the color of the skin that has been brightened by the makeup before the milk is adjusted to the best condition to make the shape more natural.

4, use the least amount of powder cake!

After the liquid foundation is sufficiently applied by hand, it is less likely to be smudged with less powder. So if you don't want the luster of hard work to disappear, try to use less powder.

5, choose the skills of loose powder

For loose powder, choose a transparent particle type that can be used as a highlight to make the dull part brighter, but don't choose a type that is too shiny.

6, prevent makeup makeup tips

Moderate luster is absolutely necessary, just a little bit of loose powder, right under the eyes and easy to shine. >>>Kun Ling wants to marry Zhou Dong's cute makeup analysis

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