What are the performance characteristics of artificial turf soccer pitches?

Artificial turf is a kind of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene and polyethylene mixed fiber as raw material, while adding an appropriate amount of UV absorbers and fuel nylon, polypropylene, after weaving , Made of resin covered on the substrate. Similar to a carpet, an artificial turf is built on a hard ground and filled with sand and rubber particles.


General grass seedlings 30 ~ 60mm, row needles between 130 ~ 200 needles, row spacing between 5 ~ 12mm. It is applicable to football fields, tennis courts, hockey fields, golf courses, gymnastics, track and field and other venues. It is a versatile, fitness sports venue material. It does not require natural grass sowing, fertilization, watering, clipping and other management work. It can also be used around the clock, not to mention the restrictions on the game.

Since artificial turf uses polypropylene and polyethylene raw materials and is accompanied by other materials, the product's surface is smooth and the grass is soft. Athletes can run freely on the lawn and jump freely without any feeling of stumbling or slippery feet. There is an anti-vibration bottom layer on the bottom mat of the lawn, which can absorb shocks, deformations, bouncing balls, friction, water seepage, and several items meet the requirements of ball games.

The fiber of artificial turf has high performance in anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-aging, etc. It can reach 10~15 years at present, and the artificial turf has good elasticity and vibration reducing efficiency. The running speed and trajectory of the ball are basically the same as those of natural lawn. Athletes' movement skills in running and jumping are all very safe.

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