What advantages should be paid attention to when choosing a photochemical reactor

Shanghai Bilang Instrument is a professional manufacturer of photochemical reactors, providing photochemical reactors, photochemical reactors, photocatalytic reactors, photocatalytic reactor parameters, quotations, prices. So how to buy a photochemical reaction instrument? What are the precautions? Bilang is briefly described as follows:

1Xenon lamp light source The parallel light source is generally a light bulb processed by optical devices, and an ellipsoidal anti-mirror mirror is used when high energy is required.

2 Photochemical reactor Xenon lamp light source In photochemistry, an externally irradiated system can be formed by a parallel light source and a reflecting sample part (light is irradiated from the reflecting system from the outside to the inside in the form of a parallel beam).

3 Light sources As for those light sources, which can form a convergent point light source, the central divergent light source and the parallel light source need to be discussed in specific situations.

4 Light source converging point light source is usually used for monochromator beam splitting, fiber introduction or the energy concentration effect (such as thermal effect) of the focus point.

5 Light source of photochemical reaction instrument The diffuse light source usually does not deal with the light source (the light is scattered in the form of spherical wave to the entire space). In photochemistry, usually the cold trap and the reactor cooperate, and the light is uniformly radiated to the reflected substance, constituting the so-called Of the internally irradiated system (in the whole system, light is irradiated from the inside out).

Product advantages of photochemical reaction instrument: the electrical control part of the product is separated from the protective reaction dark box, which is convenient and reasonable for assembly, maintenance and upgrade, and the whole machine is beautiful and beautiful! Experimental use! Professional and stable analog light source and stable, space-saving volume design, especially suitable for laboratory equipment with limited space, etc., go to Shanghai Bilang for more details!

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