US Navy develops bionic robots to automatically clean the shell of ships

Recently, the U.S. Navy announced that it will test Marine Robotics ’first bionic underwater hull cleaning system (HullGUG).

The bionic underwater hull cleaning system project is funded by the US Naval Research Administration. The purpose of the research is to prevent the accumulation of biofouling on the ship's hull. By reducing the biofouling of the hull, the performance of the ship can be effectively improved, the resistance caused by the biofouling can be reduced, the fuel consumption can be reduced, and the energy efficiency of the US Navy can be improved.

The automatic bionic robot developed by the Marine Robot Company is battery-driven and can crawl and stay on the surface of the hull and other underwater structures, and actively clean the surface. In addition, the bionic underwater hull cleaning system can also reduce the risk of species invasion. The sensor components and a large number of embedded computers on the system make it capable of obstacle avoidance, path planning and navigation, and can distinguish between cleaned and dirty areas.

From the specification point of view, the bionic underwater hull cleaning system weighs 30-40 kg, has 4 wheels and a negative pressure adsorption device. Can walk on steel, non-steel, fiberglass hulls.

The bionic underwater hull cleaning system is promoted by the Discovery and Innovation (D & I) program of the US Naval Research Administration and will be further developed through the Future Naval Capability (FNC) program. The complete on-board demonstration is planned for 2015.

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