Universal testing machine main test items

The universal testing machine test items produced by Dongguan Moxin Instrument Factory are very extensive. The main test items are: tensile stress, tensile strength, constant stress, constant stress elongation, breaking strength, elongation after breaking, yielding Strength, yield point elongation, yield point tensile stress, tear strength, peel strength, puncture strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, etc. How are the test items defined? The following is a brief description of the characteristics of the major project tests:

The main testing items of universal testing machine are briefly introduced:
1, the tensile stress tensile stress definition: the tensile stress of the sample, its value is the ratio of the applied force and the original cross-sectional area of ​​the sample, the unit is MPa, often in the rubber tensile test dumbbell test Films can also be used as circular test strips;
2, tensile strength tensile strength definition: also known as tensile strength, refers to the tensile test, the specimen until the fracture until the maximum tensile stress is the tensile strength, strength unit MPa;
3, the tensile stress at a given elongation, the definition: refers to the rubber material tensile test, the working part of the sample tensile elongation at a given tensile stress, the usual tensile stress of 100%, 200 %, 300%, 500% modulus;
4, elongation at a given rate of elongation at a given stress, the definition: the tensile elongation of the sample to a given tensile stress;
5, the breaking strength breaking strength Definition: refers to the material fracture stress, in the diameter of the sample is applied as a linear load, when the sample reaches the strength of the destruction, the unit is Mpa;
6, elongation after elongation percentage elongation after fracture Definition: In the tensile test, the relative elongation of the gauge length after the sample is broken is equal to the absolute elongation of the gauge length divided by the gauge length of the specimen before stretching;
7, the yield strength yield strength Definition: also known as the yield limit, is the yield limit of the metal material yielding phenomenon, that is, the stress resistance to micro-plastic deformation. For metallic materials with no apparent yield, the stress value that gives 0.2% residual deformation is the yield limit of the material, which is called the conditional yield limit or yield strength;
8, elongation at yield point at yield, the definition: refers to the specimen corresponding to the yield point of the yield;
9, the tensile point at the yield point tensile stress at yield, the definition: refers to the stretch curve "Hook region" and the yield point of the transformation point is called the yield point, the yield point corresponding to the stress and strain are known as the yield point stress And yield point strain;
10, tear strength tearing strength, the definition: refers to the test film thin film or rubber plastic material is torn when the stress;
11, peel strength peel strength, the definition: refers to the specified stripping conditions, the bonding part of the two adherends separated when the unit width of the maximum load required;
12. Bending strength Bending strength: Definition: The maximum stress that a material can sustain when it breaks under a bending load or reaches a specified deflection, and is mainly used to test the performance of a material when subjected to a bending load;
13, shear strength, shear strength, definition: refers to the external force perpendicular to the material axis, and the shear strength of the material when the limit of strength, mainly used to test the ability of the material to withstand the shear force;
14, elastic modulus elastic modulus, also known as: Young's modulus, refers to the material in the elastic deformation phase, the normal stress and the corresponding positive strain ratio;

Application of universal testing machine main test items:
Universal testing machine is generally used in rubber, plastic, film, adhesive, steel, glass, touch screen, textile, waterproof material, wire and cable, net rope, metal wire, metal rod, metal plate and other photovoltaic materials, medical materials and clothing industries, etc. . For more detailed information, please contact us.

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