There is a problem with the purchase of furniture pieces in the mouth of the mouth.

Mr. Yu rushed back to the sofa and dining table from the furniture market. After receiving the goods, he found that all the pieces of furniture had quality problems. So he contacted the merchant to request a return, but was told that “only change.” After a whole month of rushing, Mr. Yu, who was tired of it, finally gave in and agreed to replace the equivalent. Yesterday, he told the "party newspaper hotline" about his experience of "just change".

Because I heard that the furniture in the Suzhou Sakaguchi furniture market is affordable, on February 3, the public Mr. Yu took the high-speed rail to the bus and went to the mouth for the first time. After some careful selection, he took out 8800 yuan to buy a three-seat fabric sofa, a single-seat fabric sofa and a dining table in a shop. "At that time, I bought the sample from the store and bought it. I feel it. The style is exquisite, the price is fair, and it is more reasonable." However, after a few days after the merchants delivered the goods through the logistics, Mr. Yu was filled with a cold water.

On the pictures sent by Mr. Yu, there are many holes and cracks in the armrests, cushions and backrests of the three fabric sofas. The table corners also have cracks. The rest of the single-seat sofa, Mr. Yu only opened the corner of the package and looked at it. "There are the same problems. I just don't open the package." Mr. Yu said that after seeing this situation, he immediately contacted. The merchant wants to return the goods. "The other party admits that it is very happy, but there is only one, can only change, can not be returned, the difference caused by the exchange, but also my own stickers. The other party said that this is the industry rules, are doing so. ”

The merchant resolutely "just changed", so that Mr. Yu regretted his original negligence. "It was originally for the merchant to write a guarantee, and agreed to 'have a full refund for quality problems," but later I saw the clerk vowed. Saying that there will be no problems, I will not insist on it. Now I only have one invoice. How can I protect my rights?” After nearly a month of rushing, the merchants are only willing to exchange goods and are not willing to refund. Mr. Yu Can only accept the exchange program, ready to run a sip in the near future. After eating a long one, he decided that this time he must "let the other party write a sentence on the invoice, if there is a problem, promise a refund."

The reporters learned from the consumer associations in Suzhou and Wuxi that, like Mr. Yu, it is not uncommon for consumers to encounter “only change” when buying furniture. "Similar complaints, almost every day." The staff of the industrial and commercial department said that the so-called industry rules are actually suspected of overlord clauses. "The Measures for the Implementation of the Consumer Protection Law of Jiangsu Province and the Regulations on the Responsibility of Repair and Replacement of Furniture Products in Jiangsu Province are clearly stipulated. The furniture in the package period can be exchanged or retired. The so-called 'replacement only' has no legal basis."

Relevant persons of the Wuxi Consumer Council believe that Mr. Yu suffered losses at the beginning of the loss. In the beginning, he did not sign an agreement with the merchant to make the handling of the problem goods clear, but then, regardless of the signing agreement, “if the goods do have significant quality problems, The merchants can only change and the public can complain to the industrial and commercial department where the business is located." (青楚)

The three major "overlord rules" for furniture return

According to industry insiders, the current furniture market is mixed, and large-scale furniture stores generally pay deposits to the malls at the beginning of the merchants' entry. They also have clear regulations on the return processing due to the quality problems of the products, so they are more standardized. When buying furniture in a single furniture store, you often encounter these "regulations":

One: only return a single piece does not return a full set. Some citizens bought a set of dining tables and chairs in the furniture store. In less than a month, they found one of the chairs cracked. Consumers are required to return a full set of tables and chairs, but the furniture store is only willing to replace or return the problematic chair. According to Article 8 of the “Responsibility Regulations for the Repair and Replacement of Return of Furniture Products in Jiangsu Province”: If a set of furniture has serious quality problems in a single piece or part within 90 days, consumers should choose a full set of returns when returning goods, such as consumer consent (voluntary). Single or partial return.

Two: To return the goods to the store. Large pieces of furniture are generally difficult to handle, and there are businesses that set obstacles on them. Return can be, but the consumer has to bring the problem furniture to the store.

Article 16 of the Measures for the Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests in Jiangsu Province stipulates that: the large-scale goods subject to the “three guarantees” have quality problems in the “three guarantees” period, and the consumers require the operators to bear the responsibility for repairing and replacing the returns. Operators should provide free on-site service. If the operator cannot provide on-site service, he shall bear the expenses of transportation, transportation, loading and unloading, and lost time of the consumer.

Three: The order is not reluctant to refund. Look at the sample in the store, after the order is ordered, the consumer is told that it is out of stock, no refund, only one more.

Article 11 of the "Regulations on the Responsibility of Repair and Replacement of Furniture Products in Jiangsu Province" stipulates that: in the period of three guarantees, if there is no product of the same specifications, models and styles, consumers are unwilling to exchange other products. Return the goods and collect the depreciation charge for the used products.

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