The British couple cleverly designed the 2m wide cabin to become a "luxury house"

Many people may express sympathy for homeowners living in houses that are 8 feet wide (about 2.4 meters). However, according to the British "Daily Mail" report, a couple in the UK used wisdom to expand the interior of such a house less than 8 feet wide to 22 feet (about 6.7 meters) wide. ".

The owner of the house, Tom and Sarah Tidbury, is a young couple who bought the house in Clapham, southwest London, in 2009. After gaining the extension of the house, they made the most of the space inside the house. Because the shape of the house was narrow from the beginning and wider to the back, they also called it The Wedge. Although from the outside, you can't imagine how big it will be, but once you get in, you will find that it accommodates four bedrooms, a long garden and a very spacious kitchen.

The local media praised the owner of the house for using the space cleverly. They opened the walls and ceilings to the bookcase to place books and photo albums, while the huge glass doors also solved the problem of ventilation and lighting in the room.

The ingenious expansion and design of the owner means that the value of the house has nearly doubled. The house was purchased for only 430,000 pounds (about 4 million yuan), and it is estimated that it has now appreciated to between 750,000 and 800,000 pounds (about 7 million to 7.5 million).

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