The best choice for bathroom brand Wrigley toilet price

With the development of the times and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people also have a higher demand for toilet supplies, toilets. How to choose among many toilet brands, the classic Wrigley toilet for ten years is the best choice for bathroom brands. Here I will provide you with the relevant content of the price of Wrigley toilets , so that when you buy the toilet, you have the bottom of your mind.

How about the Wrigley toilet

As early as 1998, when China's ceramic industry was still in the ascendant, Wrigley Sanitary Ware had taken the lead in solving the thermoforming production problems of one-piece toilets in China. In the same year, he also cooperated with Tsinghua University to carry out ergonomic research.

At the beginning of research and development, Wrigley Sanitary Ware paid great attention to the elaboration of products, and achieved a harmonious integration of Chinese culture and European and American customs. In fact, Wrigley Sanitary Ware not only created a trend, but also continued to follow this path.

Wrigley toilet price list :

Wrigley toilet AB1216JD-reference price: 1895.00 yuan

Wrigley one-piece toilet AB1118D-reference price: 2666.00 yuan

Wrigley AB-1279D one-piece toilet-reference price: 3400.00 yuan

Wrigley AB-1248D one-piece toilet-reference price: 5270.00 yuan

Wrigley one-piece toilet (white) AB-1207M-reference price: 1119.00 yuan

Wrigley hanging toilet AB-2114-reference price: 781.00 yuan

Wrigley one-piece toilet (300) AB1242MD-reference price: 899.00 yuan

After reading the introduction to the price of Wrigley toilets , do you know more about this brand? Broadening the horizon of home furnishing requires constant accumulation of knowledge in this area. I hope this article can help you choose toilet products with high cost performance.

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