The artistic value of the interpretation of soft furnishings in Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition

The design must have a heart that is good at discovering life, and the construction drawing design is not a wonderful world. A beautiful world can only stem from your heart and your love for life. Furnishing is a space of emotions and souls, it is based on the owner's emotions, jealousy and fate. But how do designers look for a space mood? Then you need a designer with rich experience, only rich experience and deep thinking can form a rich inspiration library in the designer's consciousness. In 2013, Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition invited the director of the soft assembly department, Li Si, to explain the value of the art of soft furnishings in advance.

There are a lot of decorative decorations, and the unchanging soft design can't satisfy the needs of consumers. Everyone has different pursuits of beauty, and the accessories they like are different, and the effects are different. What do soft designers want? What will it do? What is it made of? It has always been the direction we should study and discuss.

The style of the furniture determines the style of the jewelry

European classical

This is a luxurious, elegant classic style. In general, the velvet parts of the furniture frame are decorated with gold thread, gold rim, wall paper, carpet, curtains, bedspread, enamel patterns and decorative paintings or objects. This style is characterized by luxury and elegance. Residents can spend more time on the patterns of wallpapers, carpets, curtains and bedspreads, and strive to achieve coordination between various furnishings and decorations.

Nordic style

Mainly refers to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, looking at the design of the four Nordic countries. Nordic homes return to nature, advocating the charm of the wood, plus modern, practical, and exquisite art design style, reflecting another direction of thinking after modern urbanites enter the post-modern society.

American furniture style

American furniture places special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. From the perspective of modeling, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neo-classical and rustic style. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best reviews of American furniture.


The use of partition walls, screens, pillars or fireplaces is often used to create a sense of layering in the space, so that the living room is not planned, the boundaries are vague, and the thin columns and partition walls are used to form the sense of infinity and depth of the space. Modern style is a relatively fashionable furniture. Most of the furniture is made of melamine board. This material is more and more environmentally friendly with the advancement of science and technology. Because of the modern and simple style, it is more suitable for modern people's appetite. Understand the general definition of home accessories, after the completion of the renovation, the use of easy to change, easy to change the position of accessories and furniture, such as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative crafts, decorative iron, etc., the second furnishings and layout of the interior. There are also cloth, paintings, plants and so on. Home accessories, as a mobile decoration, can better reflect the taste of the owner, is the crowning touch to create a home atmosphere. It breaks the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and reassembles crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. to form a new concept of fit space design.

Jewelry is generally divided into several categories: lights: chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps.

Decorative paintings

Decorative painting is a special art type that does not emphasize high artisticity, but is very particular about the coordination and beautification effect with the environment. It can always play the role of finishing touch and reflect the connotation and cultivation of the master. Decorations Generally speaking, the ornaments are large accessories placed in TV cabinets, porches, coffee tables, bed stools and other places. A representative ornament that can visually attract the eye for the first time.


As a “soft decoration”, the fabric is more attractive in the home. It softens the hard lines of the interior space and gives the living room a warm style: either fresh and natural, elegant or gorgeous, or romantic.

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