Test procedure for rubber materials for heat aging test

The national standard GB/T17782-1999 standard explains the specific test procedure of vulcanized rubber materials during air heat aging test. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. After the heat aging test chamber is preheated to the working temperature, the sample is suspended vertically in the pressure vessel. In order to prevent migration and contamination of the rubber compounding agent, samples of different formulations are prevented from being tested in the same container as much as possible.

2. When the sample is placed in a container heated to the working temperature, immediately close the container and start to calculate the aging time when the pressure air reaches 550 kPa. The operation time of this process cannot exceed 3 minutes. The time interval from the start of the calculation of the aging time until the container reached 125 ° C was recorded. If this interval exceeds 5% of the total test time, increase the test time by 1/2 of the interval for approximate correction.

3. The test reaches the specified time. Before taking out the sample from the container, it is required to slowly release the air pressure to normal pressure for at least 5 minutes to avoid the possibility of pores in the sample, and then immediately take the sample from the container and place it. The flat surface plate was cooled to room temperature. The sample removed from the container is no longer mechanically, chemically or thermally treated.


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