Test method specified in GB T10485 standard for high and low temperature box

The GB/T10485 standard mentions the use of high and low temperature chambers to assess the heat resistance of plastic components of optical signal devices to the environment and to their own light sources. The test method is as follows:

First, prepare two optical signal devices

2. Before placing the sample, ensure that the airflow in the high and low temperature box is 1m/s~2m/s. The test sample should be installed on the test stand and placed in the center of the box. The reference axis is parallel to the main airflow. Direction, the distance between the sample and the wall of the box should be greater than 200mm.

3. The temperature in the high and low temperature chamber should be between 46 °C and 49 °C (for the rear fog lamp temperature should be 23 °C ± 5 °C).

4. License plate lights, side marker lights, front position lights, rear position lights, rear fog lights, parking lights, day and night running lights and position lights should be steadily lit;

——The brake light and the backup light should be on for 5min and off for 5min;

- the turn signal light flashes in a flashing manner;

The test sample shall be lit with a voltage (13.5V ± 0.1V or 28.0V ± 0.1V) for 1 h in the manner specified above;

5. A device with multiple functions, except for the combination lamp of the combination of the reverse lamp and the rear fog lamp, should illuminate all functions at the same time.

6. Brake lights, reversing lights and rear fog lights shall be tested separately;

7. If the rear fog lamp and the rear position lamp are combined into a mixed lamp, the two functions should be illuminated at the same time.

8. After the test, visually inspect the plastic parts without deformation.

高低温箱GB T10485标准中规定的测试方法

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