Technical requirements formulated in high temperature test chamber standards (next section)

In the previous section, we talked about product performance and appearance. In this section, we also learned about the following four other points: safety and environmental protection requirements, transportation environmental performance, reliability, and warranty period. The following are subdivided one by one: in the high temperature test chamber standard Technical requirements formulated (next section)

1. Safety and environmental protection requirements:

1. There should be a protective ground terminal that complies with the provisions of 7.1.7 of GB 1497;

2. There should be over-temperature alarm, power failure equal protection and alarm device;

3. The noise of the whole machine should not be higher than 70dB (A).

2. Transportation environmental performance:

1. When the mass of the high-temperature test box transport package is less than 500kg, it should be able to withstand the sinusoidal vibration (fixed frequency) test. During the test, the vibration table frequency is 3 ~ 4Hz, the maximum acceleration is 7.35 ± 2.45 / s2, and the vibration duration is selected according to GB 4857.5 Appendix A;

2. The weight of the transport package of the test box is greater than 500kg, and at least one side is longer than 120cm, it should be able to withstand the drop test specified in GB 5398;

3. Products that have undergone transportation environmental testing should be inspected according to the factory inspection items.

3. Reliability:

1. The manufacturer should provide users with product reliability indicators, such as failure rate, mean life (MTTF), mean time between failures (MTBF) or forced probability (FOR), etc., in the product manual or other technical information as much as possible;

Fourth, the warranty period: the warranty period is also called the service life, which refers to the service life from the production of the equipment to the customer's delivery and use. The standard clearly states that when the user observes the rules of storage, use and installation, Within 12 months from the arrival, if the test box is damaged or does not work normally due to poor manufacturing, the manufacturer should repair or replace the user for free.

Attachment: Although the standard only stipulates that the warranty period is 12 months, Shanghai Linpin Instrument Co., Ltd. provides life-long technical support and free product software upgrades for life. Based on the service time during the warranty period, we will give feedback within 15 minutes of receiving the repair call, establish contact with the customer, and rush to the scene within 12 hours within the working day. Service tenet.

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