Suzhou Huaya successfully developed "super eye" for pipeline detection

An electromagnetic wave is emitted in less than a second, which can make foreign objects or defects hidden in various pipelines thinner than 100 microns appear immediately and be positioned immediately! "Guide wave detection new technology", yesterday this "super eye" technology and products passed the expert evaluation, this new technology not only fills the domestic gap, but also leads the world.

In the energy industry, including the presence of foreign objects or defects in pipes, tube bundles, pipelines, etc. in nuclear power equipment, it will bring great harm to safety. Due to the different shapes and thickness of the pipes, it is not difficult to detect safety inside the pipe. This new technology of pipeline "super eye" is based on the principle of guided electromagnetic waves. There is no need to transport the probe through the inside of the tube under test, so it will not pass through and penetrate. The detection speed is fast, the positioning is more accurate and suitable for Various types of pipes are suitable for pipeline detection applications in China's energy and power industries, and can also detect the amount of corrosion thinning. The expert review committee's evaluation of this achievement is that it has a high degree of innovation and advanced technical indicators. Leading level.

Leading the core R & D team of this technology is Zhou Zaiqi, an expert who enjoys special government allowances from the State Council and a senior researcher in the testing technology community. He told reporters that in June last year, the research and development of this new technology was formally established by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. More than a year later, it was successfully developed in Suzhou private enterprise Huaya Telecommunication Equipment Co., Ltd. "After the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the safety of nuclear power has received much attention. This technology can be used in spiral coils for evaporators of high-temperature gas-cooled gas reactors in nuclear power plants. This has always been a difficult problem under traditional technical conditions, so it will be rewritten in China. Inspection technology is derived from the situation abroad. "Zhou Lao also said that using this sensor core technology and its products, various forms of" tube eye detectors "can be made in the future." It may be a small detection gun. It can be a large-scale robotic device with a very wide range of applications and will achieve greater economic benefits. "

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