Storage is not lazy, the super housewife teaches you to resolve the wardrobe space crisis

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Each wardrobe has its own unique pattern. The design of the wardrobe pattern is related to the convenience of people in the process of use. Therefore, the layout of the wardrobe should fully consider the lifestyle and age of consumers. However, there are always many consumers who say that the space is too small, and the things are always piled up. In fact, the design of the wardrobe pattern is important, but the reasonable use of space can not be ignored, so that it can exert its powerful storage effect.

Wardrobe storage

First, the wardrobe idle storage area

There is a storage area on the top of the closet for storing idle objects. In daily life, more and more consumers know little about the wardrobe in this area. In fact, in addition to storing idle items, this area can also store some quilts, sheets, and pillows. This kind of Daily Necessities is not only a big obstacle, but also a key habitat for small bugs when encountering "Nanfengtian". Therefore, if consumers want to save effort and worry, they must use this area more flexibly.

Second, the wardrobe long dress area

The wardrobe area of ​​the wardrobe, the knowledge of the wardrobe in this area is a key area for modern ladies and men. Women's dresses, dresses, coats, men's suits, wool coats, such clothes hanging, not only can achieve dust-proof effect, more convenient for consumers fast-paced urban life. Generally, a room with 2 doors is enough, but consumers can also increase the design space according to their own preferences to achieve perfect results.

Third, the wardrobe jewelry area

Everyone has a heart for beauty! Every woman's wardrobe has indispensable jewelry, so the jewelry area in the closet is very important. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets... all kinds of accessories can be neatly placed. For successful men, accessories such as ties and watches are symbols of identity, and this area is also essential.

Fourth, the wardrobe shorts area

In winter, the short clothes are in an awkward position in the closet. It is unsightly to hang with the long clothes. The folding will hinder the space of the wardrobe due to its thickness. At this time, the consumer can design the short-clothing area according to the proportion of the wardrobe space. This area can not only be used for hanging short clothes, but also for men's shirts, casual jackets, ladies' skirts, etc., which is convenient for daily take-out, and the hanging storage will minimize the wrinkles of the clothes.

According to your own dressing habits and product layout, choose the wardrobe of the multi-purpose area such as hanging area (long clothing area, short clothing area), folding area, underwear area, jewelry area, etc., to create a perfect storage space for the bedroom to create a healthier Convenient and happy home life.

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