Stencil printing machine paper identification method

Patent Name Paper Recognition Method for Stencil Printing Machine Patent Applicant Xunpu Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Wakayama Prefecture Inventor Matsushita Ken Application (Patent) No. 200510084713.1 Date of Application 1999.12.03 Certification Date Approval Publication No. 1706638 Audit Notice Date 2005.12 .14 ​​Specification CD-ROM D0550 Main classification number B41F15/24 Classification number B41F15/24; B41F33/06; G06K7/00; G06K1/12 division Original application number 03145793.2 Priority item 1998.12.8 JP 348398/98 Abstract Screen printing In a paper-recognition method of a machine, the paper-sheet recognition device is provided with a read-out device for reading information indicating that it is a plate-making paper suitable for a specific printing press attached to the web, and is recognized based on the information read by the information read-out device. Web, information is at least optical information representing the manufacturer of the web or the type of paper. When it is identified as a suitable web, the re-identification step after the identification step is stopped and the web is detected on the web. After attaching the terminal marking information, replace it with a new one and recognize again if it is a suitable one. It will be on the front side of the paper. Specified position adds optical information, and a paper roll with a terminal mark attached to a predetermined position on the paper end is specified as a regular product. When a paper roll is detected for the first time, at least the manufacturer or paper type is not suitable, an error message is displayed. The plate-making is prohibited, and when the inapplicable information is detected after the second time, an error display is avoided, and at the same time, the plate-making is permitted until the above-mentioned terminal mark is detected. The present invention allows the user to identify whether the web to be used is a regular product, and even if it is an informal product, it can be used according to the user's judgment. Sovereignty Item 1. A paper recognition method for a stencil printing machine, characterized by using a paper recognition device as follows: there is provided a plate making paper attached to a paper roll (15) indicating that it is suitable for a specific printing machine. The readout device (32) for reading out the information recognizes whether or not it is a web suitable for the printer based on the information read out by the information readout device, and the information indicates at least the web ( Optical information of one of the manufacturer of the 15) or paper type, and for the web (15), whether or not it is suitable for the printing press based on optical information representing at least one of the manufacturer or the paper type When the web is identified as a suitable web, the re-identification step after the identification step is stopped, and after detecting the terminal mark information attached to the web, the web is replaced with a new one. Recognizing whether it is a suitable paper or not, adding a predetermined specification to the front end of the paper to a predetermined position at least one of the manufacturer's or paper type's optical information and attaching a terminal mark to a predetermined position of the paper's terminal Positive The product, when the first detection of at least one of the manufacturer or the paper type is inapplicable to the web, displays an error message as an irregular product and prohibits platemaking, when the second time after the detection of the second time When information is not applicable, error indications are avoided and platemaking is allowed until the above-mentioned terminal tag is detected.

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