Square brick size Square brick price and construction process

Square brick is a kind of wear-resistant brick. Mainly used in public places such as leisure squares, municipal engineering, garden greening, beautiful roofs, garden balconies, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, automobile 4S shops, etc. The brick body is simple in color, and the brick surface is small in volume, and most of them are in the form of concave and convex surfaces. It has the characteristics of anti-skid, wear-resistant and easy repair. So, do you know what the square brick size is? What is the construction technology and price of square bricks? For interested friends, this is one of the topics worth paying attention to. Next, I will give a detailed introduction to the square brick size , square brick construction technology and price, I hope to help you!

What is a square brick

Square bricks have a wide variety of colors and different patterns. Because of their non-slip and wear-resistant characteristics, they are often used in squares, municipal projects, landscaping, schools, and other places.

The surface of the square brick is uneven, non-slip, the single brick body is small, and the color is simple. It can be put together into different patterns and different patterns through different colors and styles. It is also unique for roof decoration and indoor paving.

Square brick size

As mentioned above, the individual square brick is small, so its specifications are generally not large. The common square brick specifications on the market are: 100 * 100mm, 108 * 108mm, 150 * 150mm, 190 * 190mm, 100 * 200mm, 200 * 200mm , 150 * 300mm, 150 * 315mm, 300 * 300mm, 315 * 315mm, 315 * 525mm and other sizes. You can buy it on the market according to your needs.

Square brick price

Square bricks are a type of wear-resistant bricks. The color of the brick is simple, the volume of the brick surface is small, and the form of the uneven surface is mostly used. It has the characteristics of anti-skid, wear-resistant, and easy repair. The main specifications are mainly 100 * 100MM, and there are also 100 * 200MM or 200 * 200MM and other sizes. It depends on the brand, specifications, style, whether it is self-delivery or door-to-door, etc., generally ranging from tens to hundreds.

Square brick construction technology

1). Brush the back of the stone block first, and keep it moist while paving.

2). According to the horizontal line and the center line (cross line), lay out the standard lines (road closures) of each bay and the left and right sides of the corridor according to the pre-arranged number, and then pull the line to lay and paste.

3). Before laying, the base should be watered and moistened, and then brushed with cement slurry (cement ratio is about 0.5). The cement slurry should be spread with the mortar along with the brush, and there should be no air drying.

4) Dry hard cement mortar (general mix ratio is 1: 3, subject to moist and loose, no clumping when holding in hands) leveling layer, the thickness of the virtual paving is preferably 25-30 cm, high when placed on the stone slab It should be about 3-4 cm from the scheduled completion surface) Use iron trowel (gray spoon) to pat and smooth, then pre-paved the stone slab, and should be aligned with the vertical and horizontal joints, striking the middle of the board with a wooden hammer to strengthen the mortar After laying to the height, lift the stone slab, check the surface of the mortar and the bottom of the stone slab (if there is a vacancy, use mortar to fill), first spray water on the surface of the mortar with a proper amount of watering can, then evenly spread a layer of cement powder, put the stone slab on Quasi-paving. The four corners should land at the same time when laying. Then hit hard with a wooden hammer until it is level.

5) The order of paving should be from line to line by line. If the gap width is not required by design, it should not be greater than 1 mm for granite and marble, and should not be greater than 2 dense for terrazzo blocks.

6) After 24 hours of paving, after checking that the surface of the stone slab is not broken or empty, fill the gap with thin cement (color and stone slab) and fill it up, and then wipe it with a dry cloth until there is no residual dust or smudge. until. Pedestrians and stacked items are prohibited within two days of paving the stone slabs. Before affixing the skirting board, first wet the stone block with water, and cut the angle interface board to a 45-degree angle. Wet the base layer evenly and apply rubble cement slurry uniformly, and paste while brushing. Put a skirting board on each end of the wall, the height of the upper flute should be in the same horizontal line, and the thickness of the protruding wall should be the same. Then, along the corrugated drawing lines of the two skirting boards, use 1: 2 cement mortar to install the skirting boards in order. When mounting, check the smoothness and verticality of the skirting board. The indirect seam of the board should be connected with the ground seam, and the method of wiping the seam is the same as the ground.

Editor's summary: The above is the square brick size, square brick price and construction technology related introduction, I hope to help everyone. Square bricks are generally divided into three main categories: ordinary square bricks suitable for the ground, roofing bricks suitable for the roof, and supermarket bricks suitable for the interior. Ordinary square bricks are also equipped with blind bricks and stop bricks, which are generally gray and black.

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