Rocca one-piece toilet LC-0806

(Roca bathroom store)

Evaluation brand: Roca

Evaluation product: Siamese toilet

Product model: LC-0806

Minimum pit distance: 305mm

Flush volume: 3-6L

Cover material: ABS resin

Flushing method: super swirl

Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong

Product link:

Evaluation items: product appearance, glazed finish, anti-scratch of the cover, slow down of the cover, disassembly of the cover, water tank, water saving, towel with strong impact evaluation

1. Product appearance

The design of the Rocca Siamese toilet LC-0806 is a one-line molding process. It has a smooth feel, a beautiful and elegant appearance, and looks smart and flexible, which is very in line with the eyes of modern people. Its advanced water-saving technology can quickly drain sewage in 3 seconds, and the high-temperature microcrystalline nano antibacterial intelligent glaze makes cleaning no longer troublesome.

2. Evaluation of glazed finish

Roca self-cleaning glaze technology makes the glaze smooth and delicate for many years and can achieve no blockage for many years. The smooth surface formed by the glaze beyond the subtle levels eliminates the gaps in the dirt and forms the separation wall. The rebound effect generated by the ion force layer completely prevents the adhesion of dirt.

3. Anti-scratch evaluation of the cover

In order to evaluate the anti-scratch performance of the Roca Siamese toilet LC-0806, the editor wrote the words on the toilet with an oil-based pen, and gently wiped the hand, the stains were completely removed, and the toilet was as bright as new!

4. Evaluation of Slow Fall of Cover

Slow down cover: slow down, quiet, safe, maximize protection of the cylinder from violent impact, and ensure comfortable and firm use. The slow down cover can avoid awkward noise, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary cover.

V. Evaluation of cover disassembly

The cover of the Rocca Siamese toilet LC-0806 is very easy to disassemble and disassemble: it can be removed flexibly, making it easy to use and clean.

6. Water tank evaluation

Roca Siamese toilet LC-0806 adopts the best component WDI (Viadia) water tank component in the country, with anti-siphon backflow design to ensure hygienic water quality, and its service life can reach more than 100,000 times (10 years); The rear side of the toilet tank is linearly designed to cling to the wall, which is firm and space-saving.

7. Water Saving Evaluation

The Roca LC-0806 one-piece toilet is a jet siphon flushing. It uses the vacuum principle to drain the water and then change the storage water. The sound is low and the flushing force is large and it is not easy to block. The one-line molding process eliminates the possibility of water seepage and water leakage in the water tank.

8. Evaluation of towels with strong impact

Whether the performance of the toilet is good or not depends on whether the effect of flushing is very neat. If it is washed slowly, it must be a low-quality product. Good toilets usually rely on a strong siphon force to flush the stolen goods down, flushing effect Mainly depends on the design of water parts and pipes and the way of flushing.

Evaluation summary:

The Rocca Siamese toilet LC-0806 adopts a powerful jet siphon flush design, selects authentic high-quality high-quality aluminum materials, and creates a single-column wide-flow jet. The powerful flushing toilet maintains a silent flushing environment when used, achieving a breakthrough in flushing quality, and the inner and outer walls are easy to clean.

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