Requirements for technical parameters of vibration test bench for auto parts

Through the investigation of the vibration standard of automobile parts, it is required to design the vibration test bench of the automobile parts to have adjustable amplitude and adjustable vibration frequency, so that the vibration test of the large parts of the automobile parts can be satisfied, and the vibration test standard of the parts is designed according to the vibration test standard of the parts. The vibration test technical conditions to be met by the vibration test bench are:

First, the component vibration test bench technical parameters: the vibration frequency is 0 ~ 80Hz, the amplitude is 0 ~ 10mm, the vibration acceleration is 0 ~ 100m / s2, and the amplitude is in the range of 0 ~ 10mm requires horizontal and vertical vibration. The test bench can withstand loads from 0 to 250 kg.

Second, the battery vibration test bench technical parameters: vibration frequency 3Hz, amplitude 80mm. Realize vibration in the vertical direction; achieve fixed frequency, fixed amplitude vibration; simultaneously test two batteries.

3. The vibration test device can display the frequency, amplitude, acceleration, and test time; it will automatically stop after the vibration is completed within the set time.


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