Reasons for the color difference of wooden doors and points of attention

After determining the size of the door opening, the professional of the wooden door enterprise or the decoration company will come to the door to determine the size of the door. Some door opening sizes cannot be changed and custom doors are required. According to experts, some of the holes in the load-bearing walls, such as brick walls or reinforced concrete walls, can't change the hole from small to large. These holes can only be customized. When the manufacturer measures, the thickness of the wall and the height of the ground are generally measured.

When the door is delivered to the door, since the wooden doors are all packaged, the consumer can look at the outsourcing without damage, and if there is any possibility, there is damage inside. In addition, you can check whether the size, size, shape and color of the door are consistent with the convention. However, when looking at the color, the consumer does not need to change the door as soon as the color difference is found. In general, there are some color differences between solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors. However, experts remind consumers that when they open the package, they find that there is a color difference. It may be an illusion. All the doors and sets must be installed before they are observed. If there is still a color difference between a certain component and the whole, of course, the manufacturer can be replaced.

The reason for the color difference in the wooden door:

1. The wooden door veneer series products all use natural veneer. Due to the differences in characteristics such as the annual ring of the wood, the planting area and the degree of sunlight exposure, there is a natural color difference.

2, the products that have been painted actually have "color difference" with the logs: unpainted products (including veneer, long-term in the air due to gradual oxidation and unconsciously "color shift". In addition due to veneer thickness and heat treatment process, source Different, the difference in color and texture of wood is even greater. The samples on the website and brochures will inevitably change to a certain degree in hue, brightness and saturation during shooting and image processing. Therefore, when ordering our products, The above-mentioned "samples" as the basis for ordering the color and texture of the products are obviously unrealistic, and the scientific practice is based on the actual delivery.

3. Therefore, for the color and texture of natural bark and the color difference produced by the batch produced by the paint manufacturer, we have made a promise similar to the swatch based on various factors above.

The main points that need to be paid attention to when adjusting the color difference of wooden doors:

1. Carefully determine the position where the color difference is adjusted, and determine the treatment plan for the color difference generated by different parts. It must be noted that the repaired area should not be too large to avoid affecting the coloring effect.

2, the brush must have a pen, or 8 ~ 12 pens of wool pen, suitable for large areas of color difference parts, especially complementary color or additive color, not full peak brush is suitable for small areas The color difference.

3. When adjusting the color difference, you should understand the similarity between the color tone and the sample. Take multiple layers of complementary colors, step by step, gradually deepen the color, carefully operate, and repeatedly brush, that is, first fight together, after drying, not ideal, then make up One, then compare the similarity between the color of the paint film and the sample. If there is a color difference, continue with the corresponding wine color until the color of the paint film on each side is similar to the sample.

4. In actual production, adjusting the color difference is a must to be considered in each process. Usually, after the coating is colored, before the primer is applied, a special adjustment color difference process is set on the basis of the finished background color, and the color of the background color is adopted. The similar colorants are further colored once to further improve the uniformity and sharpness of the base color to ensure the appearance of the paint film.

5. In the whole process of adjusting the color difference, you need to use the sample to control the surface color tone frequently. Carefully observe and correct it at any time. Pay attention to place the object in a place with sufficient natural light. There should be no other color interference around. Avoid sunlight or light. Go on.

Source: Zhonghua Door and Window Network


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