Prerequisites and methods for achieving fine separation


In order to achieve fine separation , we must first meet several prerequisites: 1 carefully produce printed ICC files, and use standard ink printing standards on different papers in accordance with ISO12647-2:2004/AMd.1:2007 requirements. The Lab value corresponding to the density is used as the density standard; 2 using a high-quality display, correcting the display, establishing the ICC file of the display, and achieving “what you see is what you get” on the screen; 3 carefully doing CTP linearization to increase the network point a large value within the range specified in ISO standard, if more than the standard range, the network will have to generate a printing dot gain compensation curve; ④ product according to claim longer presses the paper stock, the ink sheet corresponding to ISO ink closest Lab Value and density standard operation; 5 to be clear with the customer in advance, is to digital proofing or to screen color.

There are two commonly used color separation methods. One is to select the correct printed ICC file as a configuration file in the color separation process. For example, Photoshop software contains ICC files according to different printing standards. The printing company can choose to apply paper according to FOGRA39 standard and the total ink volume is 350. % of CoatedFOGRA39 (ISO12647-2:2004) as a configuration file, can also be selected according to GRACOL2006 standard, suitable for coated paper, total ink volume is 340% Coated

GRACOL2006 (ISO12647-2:2004) as a configuration file. This is beneficial to the printing company to ensure the uniformity and stability of pre-press separation and printing characteristics, as well as to establish a quality control system that conforms to international standards and to undertake foreign orders.

The other is to use the custom CMYK color separation method in Photoshop software, according to different types of originals and the printing conditions of the company, the configuration file is preferred. For example, in Photoshop software, according to the ink and paper options that the company actually uses, select the color and paper options that are close to each other. Select the GCR or UCR color separation type. (If you choose the GCR color separation type, there will be five black version lengths to choose from. ), set the optimal ink limit and set the appropriate profile. This color separation method is more in line with the printing conditions of the company and the characteristics of various types of manuscripts, but requires the operator to have certain experience.

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