Powder tap density meter / tap density meter Model: DB/BT-300 data

Powder tap density meter / tap density meter Model: DB/BT-300 tap density refers to a certain amount of powder after being filled in a specific container, vibrating at a certain frequency and amplitude, when the volume of the powder is no longer reduced When the volume of the powder is read, the weight of the powder is divided by the volume to obtain the tap density. The DB/BT-300 tap density tester is an instrument specially designed to test the tap density of powder. The instrument has both “fixed weight” and “fixed volume” test methods, so it conforms to the Chinese national standard GB/ T 21354-2008, equivalent to the international standard ISO3953: 1993 and a variety of industry tap density standards, and in line with the United States Pharmacopoeia regulations on the density of drugs, is a universal tap density instrument. The DB/BT-300 tap density tester consists of timing system, control system, drive mechanism, actuator and accessory spare parts. It has adjustable vibration frequency (for different industry measurements), easy operation, durability and accurate test. It is suitable for non-metal powder, metal powder, pharmaceutical, chemical, battery, abrasive and scientific research teaching. It is the ideal instrument for the densitometer test of powder industry. DB/BT-300 tap density tester The process is to fix the powder cylinder to the mechanical vibration device, the vibration motor drives the mechanical vibration device to vibrate up and down, and the scale test tube with the powder has a beat vibration with the mechanical vibration device. As the number of vibrations increases, the powder in the cylinder gradually After the number of vibrations reaches the set number of times, the mechanical vibration device stops vibrating, and the volume of the graduated test tube is read. According to the definition of density: the mass is divided by the volume to determine the density of the powder after tapping. Basic indicators 1. Repeatability accuracy: ≤ 1% 2. Vibration amplitude: 3mm 3. Vibration frequency: 250 times / min Test item 1. Fixed weight method Test tap density: First weigh a certain weight (usually 100 grams) The powder is completely loaded into the measuring cylinder, and then the measuring cylinder equipped with the powder is fixed to the instrument for vibration. After the vibration is finished, the volume is visually measured according to the height of the surface of the powder, and then the tap density is calculated. 2. Fixed volume method to test tap density (optional): first load a larger amount of powder into a 100ml tap density container (the container has an extension tube), then fix it to the instrument for vibration, after the vibration is over. The extension cylinder was taken off, the 100 container mouth was flattened with a squeegee, and the powder weight was weighed to calculate the tap density.

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