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The safety of medicines and their packaging is not only the most important thing for the public, but also the packaging. The focus of the printing industry. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical boxes. In the daily production management process, according to the relevant laws and regulations and the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, from the design and development of the kit to the realization of the product, through continuous improvement of each process, Control, timely and effective management, to ensure that the production of kits meets quality and safety requirements. Below, the author combines the production experience of our factory to talk about how to do the process control of the medicine box, in order to communicate with the industry colleagues.   

Prepress planning

Design planning
In addition to meeting the relevant laws and regulations and the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, the design of the kit should also consider the process rationality, production feasibility and traceability of the product. To this end, in the design planning of our factory, we usually pay attention to such problems as the associated avoidance of the box-shaped structure, the positional relationship between the direction of the Paper fiber and the main surface of the medicine box, and the rationality of the setting of the drug monitoring code. In addition, it is also preferred to set the drug monitoring code on the white base paper, and try to avoid printing on the color background to ensure that the drug monitoring code and the empty contrast rate meet the reading needs.
If it is really necessary for the aesthetics of the kit, the medicine monitor code can be placed in the corresponding position on the color background, and the left and right blank areas of the medicine monitor code are not less than 5 mm. This method can effectively avoid the problem of unreadable or misreading due to insufficient reservation of the left and right blank areas when the code is printed, and eventually the drug monitor code upload is blocked.

2. Data Management
In order to ensure the accuracy of the use of the drug monitoring code, our factory will assign a special person to manage the electronic files provided by the customer with the digital information of the drug monitoring code, and back up in time. At the same time, by checking whether the product name on the medicine box to be assigned and the product name in the electronic file provided by the customer are consistent, the occurrence of the wrong number and the mixed number phenomenon is eliminated; by verifying the custom quantity of the customer's medicine box and providing the medicine monitoring code The number of codes ensures that the number of signatures of the drug monitoring code is greater than the number of prescriptions of the drug cartridge, so as to avoid reorganizing the printing and complementing code due to the occurrence of the waste code in the code printing process.

3. Process planning
Under the premise of ensuring conformity recovery, the green printing process plan is preferred; under the premise of ensuring that the paper fiber direction meets the quality of the box, the imposition plan is rationally planned.

4. Preparation planning
In order to ensure that the quality of the assigned printing meets the requirements for use, it is necessary to ensure that the printing paper has at least one set of long sides and short sides perpendicular to the paper when preparing the paper to ensure the accuracy of the printing rules.

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