McDonald's new toys also play VR virtual reality glasses

McDonald's also began to use VR as a gimmick - virtual reality glasses transformed from McDonald's lunch box. Recently, McDonald's launched a new Happy Meal in Sweden. The lunch box can be transformed into a virtual reality glasses similar to Google Cardboard after the meal, but there may be a fried chicken flavor.

At present, this VR glasses is only a test of McDonald's. It is only available in a limited number of 14 McDonald's restaurants in Sweden. There are only 3,500 sets. Although it sells for only $4, I want to experience this fried chicken. Virtual reality glasses, it seems to have to rely on grab. However, McDonald's also said that if VR glasses have a good response in Sweden, it is likely to be promoted globally.

This is actually a series of marketing activities for McDonald's for Sportlov. During this period, Swedish schools will take a week off, and children and parents have the opportunity to experience winter sports such as skiing. Launched with VR glasses, there is also a ski-themed virtual reality game called SlopeStars, which can be worn on the ground with virtual reality devices.
Pizza Hut's "Movie Projector"
Pizza Hut pizza box introduction video
In short, this pair of glasses sounds good, although it may be oily after wearing it, but the children are not expected to care so much. Previously in the lunch box that was eaten, there was Pizza Hut. In June last year, Pizza Hut launched a new pizza takeout lunch box in Hong Kong, which directly converted the takeaway lunch box into a "film projector." Scan the QR code on the lunch box to download free videos from Netflix. This is a good way to attract customers. At that time, someone actually called for a takeaway pizza for this movie projector.
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