Jiangsu Tongjun answers your oscillator/shaker-clamp

Do you know what an oscillator is? Jiangsu Tongjun answers for you:

The oscillator is suitable for environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agricultural and livestock, drug testing, aquatic products and other scientific research, college experiments and production departments. It is a special thermostat for water body analysis and BOD determination of bacteria, mold, microbial culture, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding experiments. , constant temperature oscillation equipment.

Do you know what the oscillator clip has? Jiangsu Tongjun answers for you:

Oscillators are usually divided into trays - for placing petri dishes; flask holders; universal (spring) spring clips, test tube holders, and claw clamps (fixed clamps).

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Walker And Rollator

rollator is a walking frame that has wheels at the bottom. It includes three or four wheels, an in-built seat, and handlebars. It allows you to walk more easily on most surfaces and rest if needed on the chair. You may also attach accessories like baskets to a rollator.

Walkers have four legs and a solid frame to help stabilize the user. They usually have flat feet with rubber stops, although some types may include wheels. They allow users to lean their weight against the device and move with it.

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