In the future, the ceramic tile industry will show seven marketing trends

At present, China ’s economic aggregate is second in the world, and its per capita GDP ranks about 100th in the world; our ceramic tile output is also the world ’s first. Excluding exports, per capita is about 6.3m2 in 2013. Compared with Spain ’s 6.7m2 per capita in 2005, we have not yet reached the highest value in history.

According to the current output, is our tile industry surplus and there is no room for development? First of all, compared with the highest per capita level in the world, we have not reached it, indicating that we have not entered an absolute surplus period; second, tile is a market-oriented industry There has not been a loss of the entire industry, a serious surplus, and many bosses running away like the cement and steel industries.

Seven marketing trends in the ceramic tile industry

The first is the obvious brand concentration, in other words, "SMEs are getting harder and harder." Among the well-known brands in the industry in 2013, the sales of Marco Polo's single brand exceeded 5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30%; Dongpeng, Eagle, Jianyi, and Jinyi Tao also increased by more than 30%; New Pearl Group claimed to reach 9.6 billion. They can achieve such high growth, the most fundamental reason is the power of the brand.

The second marketing trend is the increase in the proportion of projects, because there are now more and more hardcover houses. Many cities prohibit the construction of rough houses within the second and third rings, and the proportion of projects is now close to 30%.

The third is the concept of overall home. We are not selling a brick, but selling a space. This concept has been in the industry for ten years, and it may really subvert the marketing and production of the entire ceramic tile in the future. For example, 30 years ago, all the clothes we wore were made from cloth, but now none of us can buy cloth. We all buy clothes, that is, we buy finished products. The same is true for ceramic tiles. We started by buying ceramic tiles. We bought raw materials. After a few years, we must buy "space".

The fourth is the sinking of channels. New rural construction, low-rent housing ...

The fifth is promotional activities. It's almost impossible to sell now. There is only one place in the whole store that is lively, that is, the place for promotion, and the rest are deserted, and there are not many waiters.

The sixth is a mixed multi-polar marketing model. What is hybrid multi-level? It means that the company has its own distributors and then has certain branches. This model allows companies to respond very quickly to the entire end market and can always pay attention to consumers' overall response to products.

The seventh is e-commerce. Everyone knows that the entire industry is now talking about subversiveness. Now people know Singles Day. This year's "Double Eleven", Taobao has exceeded 50 billion yuan.

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