Improve the player can make the child smarter

The benefits of play
Every child loves toys and every child loves to play. Do you remember how you looked when you were a child? At that time, you will be ecstatic when you get a new book, a new toy that you have been waiting for for a long time; you will be excited about your own discovery and have a strong desire to learn.
Play and toys open the door to knowledge for children. Children explore the world through play, which is the driving force of learning that naturally exists in them. Parents should learn to encourage their children to play smart, ingeniously and happily, and to develop their children's "players". This will not only help children learn more, but also make them live happily and live in harmony with others.
Specifically, play has the following benefits:
1. Through play, children understand their world around them.
2. Develop the ability of children to get along with others in play.
3. Through play, children learn to follow others in an appropriate way.
4. Play can increase the child's ability to concentrate and lay the foundation for further study in the future.
5, play can promote the development of bilateral cerebral hemispheres - the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.
6. Develop children's natural curiosity in play, exercise their ability to solve problems, and cultivate autonomy.
Respect the children's play
Parents can understand their thoughts and feelings by observing their children's play, or playing with them, to understand how they express excitement and frustration, and to observe their endurance, curiosity and creativity.
Parents who are paying attention to children’s play are:
1. Allow the child to choose his own mode of play, allowing him to fully study and explore the toy, even if the method is not right, do not interfere, unless he asks, to help him. This is important for the healthy growth of the child, and the rigid rules can hinder the child's curiosity and creativity.
2, when you intend to let the child end the play, and let him eat, sleep or go out, remember to try to remind the child early, so that he has enough time to finish playing happily. This can make the child feel that we respect his play and make him happy to cooperate.
3, prepare a fixed storage place for children, and ask the children to pack their toys at the end of each play.
4. If possible, spend a little time each day playing with your child for a while.
Play and toys
Play is inseparable from toys. Beautifully designed toys can stimulate the development of children's intelligence. What toys to play and how to play will have an impact on children's potential learning ability. Studies have shown that toys can stimulate the development of children's brains and promote the growth of synapses in brain nerve cells.
The following is a brief introduction to the role of various toys:
Playing the assembled model can improve children's ability to examine and comprehend things.
Playing card games helps children concentrate.
Playing with various building blocks can help children get a sense of color, shape, size and weight. Moreover, children's creativity and adaptability are also exerted when they are free to combine new shapes.
Play with inflatable sticks and boxing bags to keep children active, or let your child vent their feelings when they are angry or frustrated.
Playing puzzles can exercise the ability of children to classify, select, and recognize different shapes and relationships.
Reading can help children increase their knowledge and imagination.
Play crayons and colored pens to develop and develop your child's artistic interests and talents.
Playing positive computer games can enhance children's competitive spirit.
Play with dolls and plush toys allow children long conversation practice, the ability to take care of someone else's workout. Parents should step into the “playing journey” with their children to deepen your relationship with your child and promote your child's development.


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