Idyllic bathroom decoration case: 7000 yuan vs. 8000 yuan decoration effect

Seeing the same simple style bathroom, has it made you bored, in fact, may wish to add some special colors and patterns in this small space, to make your bathroom life more relaxed and comfortable. The fresh rural style is a good choice. Here, the color of the tiles in the bathroom space is warm, the paintings of flowers, grass, insects and fish are hung on the walls. The bathroom space also has decorative fabrics and potted plants, exuding a relaxed and natural elegance. What kind of team up? Please see the following two real cases:

First look at two examples of garden small bathroom decoration

[Bathroom decoration example 1] Netizens opened: I hope the bathroom can be wet and dry partitioned, so that the bathroom will not be wet everywhere, it is easier to clean, it is very convenient for housewives, the most important thing is to step on it without worrying about slipping To. I love chaise bathtubs so I must have this.

Decoration Comments: I want to make the bathroom into a retro style, use white hanging bathroom cabinets to create a light feeling, and collage floor tiles make the bathroom not monotonous. In addition, in the choice of bathroom wall lamps and bathroom mirrors, the retro style is also selected, so that the style of the entire bathroom space looks more complete.

Total list: RMB 8,796

Case use product one: single handle single hole basin faucet 32106-079

Brand: Nine Mu bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 188.0

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Provided by the world's top spool manufacturer Hungary KEROX, 500,000 high-intensity tests, wear resistance, anti-clogging. Jiu Mu's unique crystal diamond coating is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a bright surface that lasts forever.

Reasons for selection: stylish appearance, easy to clean, good foaming effect!

Case use product two: the whole bathroom WL230

Brand: Lang Division

Price: ï¿¥ 1519.0

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The arc fan-shaped simple shower room adopts the popular arc fan-shaped wall design, which saves valuable house space and can be integrated into the layout of the bathroom. The large-area single door design can obtain a larger access position. The product pulley is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a stainless steel shaft inside, which is safe and stable and slides smoothly, light and silent. The product has built-in three layers of high-quality glass shelves with a thickness of 10mm, and the storage space is large.

Reason for selection: The arc-shaped fan-shaped wall design saves space, and the overall design of the shower room is also quite atmospheric. There are racks inside, and there is also a very user-friendly water blocking design, which is very practical.

Case use product three: multi-function shower hand shower 2M0505SC

Brand: Anhua Bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 999.0

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The top spray of the slender water outlet has a super boosting function, and the squeeze water outlet makes it as big as anyone wants. Special water outlet, no pollution, using food grade silicone CNC plastic molding once, smooth and moist with self-cleaning function, extruding can eliminate scale.

Reasons for selection: The details are well done, looking at the grade. There are also 5 types of showers, and they are rust and stain resistant.

Case use product four: bathtub rack K-18438T-ST

Brand: Kohler

Price: ï¿¥ 304.0

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Stainless steel is strong and corrosion-resistant, durable, with protective pads to keep the bathtub surface smooth. The length and size can be changed to match most Kohler bathtubs.

Reason for selection: The length and size can be extended and contracted, and it should be able to adapt to most bathtubs. There are anti-skid protection pads on both sides, which are not easy to slide or scratch the bathtub.

Case use product five: toilet CD / B = 157

Brand: Eagle Bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 1188.0

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Eagle Sanitary Ware adopts MaxFlush4.5, 3.0L ultra-clean flushing technology to optimize the distribution of flushing water. The water is passed through the optimized design of the injection hole to increase the pressure of the water flow and the intensity of the spray to flush the inner wall in all directions. Air pressure boost, clean and water-saving, seamlessly surround the toilet and easy to clean.

Reason for selection: strong impulse and good flushing effect. The cover plate is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is convenient for cleaning dead corners. The stain resistance is good, it will be clean after wiping.

Case use product six: Bandi bathroom cabinet BA108122

Brand: Bandi

Price: ï¿¥ 4598.0

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The one-piece white microcrystalline stone basin is firm and does not crack. It is deepened and enhanced in functionality. The washboard and basin are integrally formed, humanized and inclined, easy to wash without effort. Multi-layer solid wood paint, dense structure, white carved paint door is beautiful, elegant, and has good water and moisture resistance.

Reason for selection: This cabinet has a washboard, and it is still tilted. The cabinet is also quite large and can hold many things. Although it is white, it is not difficult to clean at all.

[Bathroom decoration example 2] Netizens whine pig & shrimp rice: This suite is a second-hand room, the old room was originally low in floor, lack of lighting, and there was a wall in the middle to block it. clear. I hope the bathroom can be brighter and have the function of wet and dry partition.

Decoration Comments: Remove the partition wall, increase the floor height, the window directly penetrates the light, and the bathroom immediately lights up. The bathroom cabinet is made of cement directly, plus a green cloth to cover the water pipe, which is simple and unique. The wall-mounted toilet is optional, and the hanging space below increases the activity space. In addition, the broken bathtub area is directly made into a wet area, and the shower curtains are separated, which is both practical and convenient.

Total list: RMB 7,171

Case use product one: Basin CF-F489

Brand: American Standard Bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 924.0

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Simple lines and modern geometric shapes. The exquisite details interpret the quiet and comfortable Nordic style. This basin needs to be installed backwards against the wall.

Reason for selection: The whole bathroom is a square tile collage, so in order to match it in style, a square basin is selected.

Case use product two: GROHE faucet 32114000

Brand: GROHE

Price: ï¿¥ 3069.0

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One-handle basin mixer, 35mm ceramic spool, adjustable flow restrictor, bubbler. 1 1/4 "pull rod falls into the water, with hose and quick installation system.

Reason for selection: Because the quality is what I want, I have chosen this leader.

Case use product three: space aluminum rack D930061

Brand: Nine Mu bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 239.0

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It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is durable and does not rust. It is thickened and has a strong load bearing. It has been tested for corrosion resistance and strength.

Reason for selection: I thought about putting the hook in the bathroom, but I feel that there is no rack to put more things in the hook. I finally chose this product after tangling.

Case use product four: Ming2 shower faucet an2M6868C

Brand: Anhua Bathroom

Price: ï¿¥ 1199.0

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Reason for selection: I like this top spray. It really feels like rain when using it. In addition, it is very convenient to hold the shower. It is very good to use the two methods alternately.

Case use product five: Kohler toilet B-2382B

Brand: Kohler

Price: ï¿¥ 1740.0

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Reasons for selection: The cost-effective is very high, the anti-fouling ability is very strong, and the flushing strength is also very strong.

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