How to use eye cream? Five steps to eliminate fine lines and dark circles

How to use eye cream? Five steps to eliminate fine lines and dark circles

Eye cream is no stranger to every girl, because due to day and night, age, it is easy to appear a variety of crow's feet, dark circles and various eye problems of eye bags, eye cream is a daily basic care product, containing natural Moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, with strong penetration, to prevent and improve wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles, dry eyes and eye bags and eyelid edema, we also need to know how to use eye cream correctly.

1. Generally, before using eye cream, clean the skin with facial cleanser, then apply a little eye cream to the underside of the corner of the eye. Use our two ring fingers to gently massage and rub, so that the skin absorbs the effect. Would be better;

2. Secondly, you can also apply eye cream around the contour of the corner of the eye, then use the small cotton swab to gently massage back and forth, the direction can be from the outer circumference to the inner direction, so that the skin can be better absorbed into the eye cream;

3. Apply an appropriate amount of eye cream to the upper and lower eyelids, gently massage from the inside out, knowing that the applied eye cream is completely absorbed. If you massage the swallows for a long time, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines. Can also enhance the elasticity of the skin;

4. Use the tapping method. Take a small amount of eye cream and apply it to the lower part of the eyelids, then use our hands to gently tap until the eye cream is completely absorbed by the skin. Don't be too aggressive in the process of playing, as long as the skin can be completely absorbed;

5. Use the stretching method. First apply a small amount of eye cream around the corners of the eyes, then use the middle finger to start from under the brow.

Gently press, the direction of pressing from the inside to the outside, until the skin is slowly absorbed, this method can stretch the skin very well, to reduce the fine lines of the eye;


The eye is a place that is easy to wrinkle, and the eye cream is a good helper for the majority of female friends. In the process of using it, pay more attention to it.

Since the skin of the eye is very thin, the eye cream can be as large as two mung beans each time. It should not be too much. Too much use will cause a burden on the eye to accelerate the aging of the eye skin.

When using eye cream, you should make a circular massage along the inner corner of the eye, the upper eyelid, the end of the eye, and the lower eyelid. Do not apply force when you massage. You should stretch upwards. The time of the massage should not be too long. Control it from inside to outside in 3-5 minutes, slowly wipe it, and use the ring finger best.

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