How to make European range hood better

7=SimHei How to make the range hood better. It is customary to use the casing of the range hood vertically. 7, the range hood is divided into thin, semi-deep and deep type and so on. This structural division can also be used in European range hoods. When distinguishing the European range hood by the structural features of the casing. It is not necessary to consider the cigarette guide at the upper end of the casing, and only based on the height of the casing cavity.

The thin European-style range hood has a structural feature that the vertical distance from the bottom edge of the casing to the smoking opening is very close. Some models are basically flat, so we recommend that the model with a vertical height of less than 8 in the casing be divided into the vertical height of the inner cavity of the European-style range hood with a thin European-style semi-deep range hood. Between 8,121, they can be divided into a semi-deep range. Compared with the thin structure, the semi-deep structure has a larger inner cavity and can accommodate more soot.

Deep European style range hood. Due to the limitation of its tower structure, compared with the so-called Chinese range hood, the inner casing of the European range hood cannot be made too deep, so some manufacturers try to tilt the vent as much as possible. To a considerable extent, it has the effect of deepening the depth of the inner cavity of the casing, and this type of machine can also be included in the range of deep-type European range hoods. We recommend dividing the model with a cavity depth greater than 121 into a range of deep European range hoods.

Other than that. There is also a so-called large current collecting surface, that is, a large oil smoke collecting surface, which is characterized by a length of 9,1 such as the Hangzhou boss company.

Nanjing Shuangyou Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. introduced the Boss brand long-length model with a casing length of 1000, mouth or 90 to the market. More popular with consumers.

Use effect evaluation indicators on the use of European range hoods, manufacturers. The group of sellers and consumers is very concerned. Because this is directly related to their immediate interests.

However, the effect evaluation needs to be comprehensively integrated into various indicators, and these indicators can be included.

The fume purification rate is in accordance with the provisions of 38 of 8:17713, which should be called the odor reduction or purification efficiency, which is the difference between the maximum odor concentration of the laboratory and the maximum odor concentration under the working conditions of the range hood under the specified test conditions. , the ratio of the maximum odor concentration to the laboratory.

The fume purification efficiency is only an average effect. In actual use, as long as you feel comfortable, you can think that its purification efficiency is satisfactory.

Some people with grease separation have absoluteized this indicator and think that it should be treated according to a specific indicator. I don't think so. We think this should also be a sensory indicator. This is because the oil content in the soot is actually not measurable by Wang Qihui. It is more dependent on the direct experience of the condensate effect after a period of time, such as a month, in the actual use of the consumer.

The installed power of European-style range hoods is generally large, and some models even reach 200 or more, which is currently in short supply. Under the social environment where energy conservation and environmental protection are generally emphasized, we must not cause our concern.

The indicator of easy cleanliness is proposed in this paper. It refers to the ease with which the user can clean the condensate stain on the range hood during the process of using the range hood. This should also be a sensory indicator. Based on the user's feeling when cleaning the range hood, some range hoods may not be difficult to remove due to the filling of the oil, or the casing must be removed when cleaning the impeller. After the can be carried out, or the poor quality of the non-stick oil coating in the inner cavity of the casing is not suitable for cleaning, etc., so that the user feels inconvenient, it can be considered that the easy cleaning is not good.

Therefore, the evaluation of the use effect of the European range hood should be based on several indicators before an objective evaluation can be made, and then the price can be determined in order to determine the price/performance ratio. Of course, because these indicators are what we have summarized. Whether it is appropriate or not, we need to jointly correct and discuss.

At present, the demand for European-style range hoods is gradually increasing. Many range hood manufacturers have shifted their manufacturing focus to European-style range hoods, and the European range hood market has actually appeared mixed. The phenomenon of unevenness. This is not conducive to the expansion of market share of European range hoods. To form a competitive advantage, there are a few questions that need to pay attention to the product structure. Some manufacturers of range hoods lack independent product research and development capabilities, and slightly modify their original models. For example, if the air duct is added to the casing, it will be put into the market in the name of a European-style range hood, which will confuse the market. . The aerodynamic performance of these models is virtually ineffective.

Power security asked. Range hoods are household appliances, and ensuring electrical safety is a top priority. Some sub-filled manufacturers may choose low-cost and low-quality electrical accessories, such as electric motors, in order to reduce costs. Capacitor. power cable. Switching and other aspects can save the province. Most consumers only pay attention to the appearance of the machine, and it is easy to ignore those that are not visible.

It poses a major safety hazard to the personal or property safety of consumers.

Material quality asked. Reducing material specifications is also a common method used by some manufacturers to obtain improper use, such as the use of thinner steel plates to press the casing. As a result, the overall rigidity of the range hood is lowered, or the stainless steel plate is used as a titanium steel plate.

technology. Leading-edge pollution problems have achieved breakthrough technology leading the technology upgrade of the water dispenser industry. The majority of the treatments of Yan Yan's research and his next, activated carbon adsorption technology reverse osmosis technology. Various water purification technologies such as distillation purification technology have begun to be applied. And gradually popularized. But for most consumers and office areas. The use of bottled water is undoubtedly a convenient way to drink water.

However, it was not until 2000 that China's bottled water market entered the rapid development, but the pioneers who took the lead in using bottled water, unfortunately encountered secondary pollution of drinking water.

Researcher Li Zhongqin, a water treatment expert, believes that the neck portion of the barrel is the closest contact with the smart seat of the water dispenser. Some manufacturers do not strictly disinfect the bottleneck. Sealing performance is not enough. Even use inferior caps. Workers are in the process of transportation. Raise the bottleneck. The cap will be disengaged, causing the drinking water to be contaminated. Researcher Li Zhongqin also pointed out that because the bottled water is used, every time the water is released. There must be an increase in the volume of bacteria and dust into the barrel. On the basis of drinking water, the US drinking water equipment has introduced the dual ion Dr. water dispenser to the market. In addition to the unique positive and negative ion group refrigerator sealing door and air purification technology, it also uses light-touch coal air filtration technology, nano-antibacterial material country. Grade food plastic. A number of measures, such as ozone disinfection cabinets with high-level disinfection effects, can effectively prevent secondary pollution of drinking water.

Today, as residents pay more and more attention to the quality of drinking water, the water appliance market, which seems to be inconspicuous, including water dispensers, has sprung up everywhere. The market demand for water dispensers and high profits continue to ignite price wars.

But blind. The vicious low price behavior has seriously affected the development momentum of the industry. The shoddy products are even more pervasive throughout the market. Disrupted the market order.

recently. The weekly quality report of CCTV reported that the AQSIQ announced that the sampling rate of water dispenser products was 62.5, and there was a safety hazard in the near-water dispensers.

Experts pointed out that the current low-cost water dispensers on the market mainly come from small and small factories with geographical advantages but no product advantages. They all rely on parts assembly. Counterfeit, OEM production of water dispensers, and impact on the market at low prices, its technology is often not close, and the use of inferior materials, product hygiene is more unqualified, the health of many consumers is completely unprotected.

Market research shows. In technology. channel. The comprehensive fight of the terminal. The majority of the United States. According to the latest survey data for the first and fourth quarters of 2004, it is clear. The market share of US water dispensers is as high as 24.85. It is close to the overall market.

To protect the interests of consumers and their own brands. Domestic large-scale water dispenser manufacturers have joined forces to set off a huge campaign to eliminate miscellaneous cards. They mainly adopt the method of widening the technological gap and price suppression to compress the living space of the brand-name enterprises, and finally achieve the purpose of eliminating the miscellaneous brands. Industry experts hope that more innovative technologies such as the US re-purification water dispenser will emerge, providing more quality products to industry customers and consumers. Editor Zhu Dongmei 4 exaggerated function asked. It is to publicly exaggerate the function of the European range hood, such as exaggerating the power of the motor, and randomly measuring the soot absorption rate of the range hood. Exaggerating the role of non-stick oil coatings, etc., are very common methods.

These questions seem to be trivial, but they may make consumers look down on European-style range hoods. They dare not believe in the promotion of manufacturers. They should develop the concept model of European-style machine into a real high-end in the minds of consumers. Models, as well as a long way to go, need to comprehensively improve and enhance the performance of European range hoods, making Europe a beautiful. practical. Safety. Energy saving.

Easy to clean household appliances.

1 At present, the investment in European theoretical research is obviously insufficient, which has restricted the progress and development of European range hoods. Energy saving and consumption reduction for European range hoods. Reduce noise. Increase the rate of soot absorption. Theoretical research on optimizing aerodynamic performance. It should be strengthened. Only by doing so can the market of European-style range hoods continue to move forward.

Research on the processing technology of European-style range hoods must also be improved. For example, the housing of European-style range hoods now requires a large amount of stainless steel sheet material to be stretched at a large depth in the casing. Surface treatment. Welding process and other aspects. There are currently some unsatisfactory questions in the fume filter. There are also many aspects to be improved in terms of impeller condensate cleaning.

At present, the European-style range hoods sold in China are still in the world of external-type aircraft. We are paying attention to the pollution of the exhaust gas from the range hood of the range hood, because the installed capacity of the range hood in China may be There are tens of millions of units. Reducing the adverse impact of the exhaust gas from the range hood on the atmospheric environment should become a central discussion for the European range hood.

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