How to keep up with the digital color in printing

1. Color and color problems
In the printing production, the color of the primary color (CMYK) is more difficult, mainly because the hue of the ink is different from the hue of the ink of the printer. The primary colors of the digital image are equipment consumables synthesized by different ratios of the CMYK ink. When printing CMYK monochrome, the amount of ink added or subtracted will only change the depth of the color and will not change the hue in the middle of the color. Therefore, once the hue is wrong, you cannot follow the digital sample.
2. Neutral grey and color problems
Neutral gray is also more difficult to follow with a color system, in the printing process, one of the color version of the network point is slightly changed (even 1% of the dot change), the human eye can feel it out, for printing, the control network is Small changes are difficult.
3. Secondary color dark tone and color problem
The secondary colors mainly refer to C+M, C+Y, Y+M, C+K, Y+K, and M+K. The darker portions of these colors are also difficult to exactly match in printing and color, especially the blue and purple of C+M, the red of Y+M, and their reasoning. Similar to the neutral gray color, the human eye is very sensitive to these colors, and the amount of ink supply in the printing will change slightly, resulting in a great visual change.
4. Combination of large-area color patches and images of the same color system
The large area of ​​the color block uses a large amount of ink, and it is easy to see the difference in color. When a large area of ​​color blocks and an image are arranged in the same ink path, it is difficult to control the amount of printing ink while taking care of both.
5. The combination of opposite tones
When there is an image with the opposite main tones in the same ink key position, printing is not easy to print in the middle of the color. For example, a row of blue sky scenery above, a row of portraits of people below, in order to highlight the blue sky above, you need to increase the amount of C ink, and in order to highlight the skin color and need to reduce the C ink supplies market. In this way, once the digital proofing is slightly misaligned, it cannot be followed by adjusting the amount of printing ink.
6. Spot color and color
Judging from the current actual production situation, it is basically impossible to achieve spot color printing in the middle of the simulation proofing. The hue of spot colors is mostly based on standard chromatography, and digital proofing is only used as a reference printing market. In the proofing process, the spot color is generally converted into ink CMYK four colors, and then printed ink to simulate, in the process of spot color to CMYK overprinting process, prone to errors.

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