How to get real benefits when attending home activities?

"During the Dragon Boat Festival, I went to the home store near my home for a round trip. There are three or four leagues pulling me to do the card. Is the price of this alliance activity really affordable? Because I have to pay for the tickets first, I want to determine if it is right. It is worthy of participation. Have you ever participated in the opinions of the pros?” Netizen Jingjing is purchasing building materials, and is very entangled in whether to participate in the recent “elite activities”, so on the fast room network ( Post for help.

In this regard, industry analysts said that the alliance activities to expand the preferential base by integrating multiple brands, in a certain sense, can provide consumers with benefits, but consumers should pay attention to the choice of the brand before the event. And check, when you buy, you must implement the quality and service of the product.

Special offer on-site confirmation whether additional items are included

Delivery time and follow-up service with the merchant

One-time purchase of special building materials and furniture for each category is one of the main highlights of the alliance activities, but the experts remind consumers that when purchasing special products, don't be completely attracted by the price. First, determine whether the special products contain additional items. For example, the installation fee of the floor products, whether the ground dragon is at the price of the special price; the countertop of the cabinet is a few meters, whether it contains baskets, parts and so on.

In addition, if the product purchased by the owner is to be used in the near future, it is best to agree with the delivery time and the liability for breach of contract on the spot and the purchase of the special product to confirm whether to enjoy the follow-up service such as door-to-door delivery and warranty.

Rational consumption should not blindly follow the trend

List of purchases before participating in the event

Many owners who participate in group purchases and alliance activities will find such a problem. They obviously didn't want to buy something before, but the atmosphere on the scene was bought and confused. "It’s like a woman sees a beautiful and promotional clothes. When I see a product that is doing promotion, and everyone is going to buy it, I can’t help but join in the fun. As a result, I bought it and found that something is not suitable for my family. Renovation." Mr. Zhang, who believes that his will is relatively firm, can't help but buy something that he can't use at home.

Therefore, consumers should first communicate with the designer before participating in the event, list the products that need to be purchased, and strictly follow the list to purchase products when participating in the event. Do not blindly follow the big flow and waste the decoration budget.

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