How to Get Offset Trouble Shooting (I)

The so-called offset difficult problem refers to the unconventional problems that appear in the printing practice work, and some have become the difficulties in printing quality. The performance of difficult-to-failure offset printing is varied, and it may happen at any time. How to eliminate the difficult problem of offset printing has become a major problem in the actual production of printing.

First, trouble shooting is a reflection of the ability of printing operators

In the printing production process, it is difficult to avoid difficult problems during the year, and finding and resolving faults is a manifestation of the ability of the printing operator. To effectively eliminate the difficult problem of offset printing, operators should have the following technical qualities.

1. Master the basic knowledge of printing machinery

First of all, to master the basic knowledge of printing machinery, it is necessary to be able to grasp the structure of various types of offset presses, to effectively grasp the adjustment methods of its key parts, and to judge the mechanical faults to be basically accurate.

Whether it is domestic offset presses or imported high-grade offset presses, the basic principles are the same, but there are some differences in the specific methods of operation, in general, for sheetfed offset presses, the focus should be on the adjustment of roller tooth decay , Tooth, front gauge, side gauge and other components themselves and their interface, at the same time pay special attention to the three major pressure (roll pressure, plate pressure, printing pressure) adjustment, for web offset press, in addition to the roller In addition to the adjustment of the ink roller pressure and the printing pressure, we must also focus on the adjustment of tension control and folding structure.

2. Eat through the performance of printed materials, proficient in the printing process

Paper, ink, fountain solution, printing plates, blankets, water rollers, ink rollers, etc. These printed materials are referred to as the original material for the offset printing process. At the time of production, it is necessary to be familiar with the basic composition and properties of these printed materials and the changes in the materials during the printing process.

In the printing process, it is necessary to grasp the variables in offset printing, that is, the ambient temperature and humidity, the thickness of the ink layer, the amount of fountain solution, and the accumulation of paper and ink residue on the blanket. The balance of ink and water and rational lining throughout the practice of modern offset printing, whether it can be mastered and put into practice, is the criterion for judging the level of senior technicians, and it is also a key factor to improve the quality of printed matter. In addition, the failure of the printing process mostly originates from the used process operations of the printed material. Therefore, the safe and standardized operation method can also reflect the technical quality of senior technicians, and it has a demonstration effect for the novice who is exposed to the offset press.

3. Familiar with the application of offset digital technology

While keeping track of new technologies, materials, and new processes, printing operators need to be especially familiar with the application of computers in printing presses, as well as advanced digital technologies such as CIP3/CIP4, PPF/JDF workflows, and job formats to further support and support their use. Grasp the foundation for printing integration.

Second, difficult troubleshooting steps and methods

During the production process of offset printing, there are difficult faults. The senior technicians are obliged to face the problem. They should actively face it and help the staff to solve the problems as quickly as possible. Usually, the steps and methods to eliminate offset faults are: observation, questioning, judgment, and elimination.

1. Observed

Observing is a comprehensive, accurate and in-depth understanding of the time, location, and failure manifestation of difficult problems. For example, if irregular overprinting is not allowed, for sheetfed offset presses, it is necessary to observe the movement of the paper, side gauges, front gauges, and delivery teeth, as well as the wear of the parts, and observe the quality of the substrates at the same time. Etc. For web offset presses, it is important to observe the tape tension and the running status of the dancer roller. (to be continued)

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