How to choose the printing color of product barcode

Scanning equipment reading is realized by recognizing the boundary and width of the stripe. Therefore, the higher the contrast between the stripe and the blank, the better the empty color is, and the strip color is as deep as possible.

1 light color can be used as background: white, orange, yellow.

2 Dark can be used as a stripe: black, dark blue, dark green, dark brown.

3 The safest contrasting colors: white, black.

4 Forbidden strip color: red.

Qualified collocations such as: black on white, blue on white, black on orange, blue on orange, green on white, dark brown on white, green on orange, dark brown on orange, yellow on black Bars, yellow blue strips, red black strips, red strips blue strips, green strips yellow strips, dark brown strips yellow strips, green strips red strips, dark brown strips red strips.

Unqualified collocations such as: white, yellow, white, orange, green, red, dark green, blue, white, red, white, light brown, blue, red, light brown, red, green Black bars at the bottom, black bars at dark green, gold bars at white, black bars at gold bottom, black bars at blue bottom, black bars at dark brown bottom, orange bars at gold bottom, red bars at gold bottom.

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