How about the quality of the beautiful electric water heater?

Among many electric water heaters, Midea electric water heaters are still relatively popular. Seeing this situation, the people who eat melons can't help but ask, is the electric water heater beautiful? How about Midea electric water heater? The following editors give detailed answers to these two questions, hoping to help everyone!

1 Patented water cyclone technology-low-carbon enjoyment

Midea's patented water cyclone technology was jointly developed by Midea and the Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The water cyclone technology developed based on fluid theory has greatly increased the output rate of hot water. According to the authoritative testing of the China Household Electrical Appliances Testing Institute, Midea Electric Water Heater with water cyclone technology has a hot water output rate of up to 93.8%, which is 23.8% higher than the 70% national energy efficiency standard. With the same energy, the temperature of hot water can rise even higher, so Midea Electric Water Heater is more prominent in energy saving. For home users, energy-saving products are more suitable for the low-carbon energy-saving trend advocated by modern society.

2 Ten seconds quick heat perfect volume increase-comfortable bathing experience

Traditional electric water heater products generally have the technical problems of slow heating and small amount of hot water. Based on the consumer demand of thousands of Chinese households, Midea Kitchen Appliances has developed dozens of industry-innovated original technologies for water heater products, such as 10-second speed heating technology, vortex speed heat heating technology, water cyclone technology, and constant temperature capacity expansion technology To lead the development of the industry with innovative technology. Among them, "ten-second rapid heating" and "e + capacity expansion" solved the problems of slow heating and low hot water from the root cause, and successfully broke through the bottlenecks of previous generations of electric water heaters.

"Ten seconds fast heating" technology, can be heated up to 10 degrees in 10 seconds, reducing waiting time and improving hot water production capacity. The "e + volume increase" technology is sensed by the circuit intelligent induction control system. When the water temperature in the liner reaches 65 ° C, through the intelligent control system, the medium-speed heat heating tube in the liner starts and starts working. When the water temperature reaches 75 ° C, the circuit The induction system automatically switches the heating mode to water storage heating. Through this way of alternating heating, the effect of multiplying the capacity increase is achieved.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with ordinary speed electric water heaters, Midea electric water heaters can produce 49L more hot water under the same conditions of use, which can save 0.62 degrees of electricity, allowing you to enjoy lasting warmth and free bathing. Worried about high electricity bills.

3 Humanized function of technology-intimate and enjoyable experience

In addition to the "heat" improvement in technology and energy efficiency, the beautiful electric water heaters, the perfect collision of technology and humanity, also make your home life more exciting.

Separate person washing function, only need to set the number of bathers, the water heater will automatically calculate the heating time according to the selected number of bathers, combined with real-time water temperature and ambient temperature, and automatically heat to the appropriate temperature to meet the user's bathing requirements, easy to operate and save heart. Reserve the wash function, set the bath time, the water heater automatically heats up in advance, when the user takes a bath, they can provide the required hot water. Negative ion health washing function, sterilization function, active oxygen production, fresh air, smoke and dust removal, so you can feel the joy of bathing in the waterfall water.

4 Excellent product quality control-hot sale worldwide

Midea, as a well-known domestic large-scale brand enterprise, in order to be responsible for every product and every consumer, adopts full-automatic high-tech testing equipment to ensure that the performance of each electric water heater leaving the factory is qualified; multiple random inspections of the finished products produced Every time a problem is found, the entire batch is reworked, and the final level of product quality is strictly controlled. At the same time, Midea water heater products are also exported to many countries and regions around the world, with branches in Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

In the cold, waiting for hot water always seems long and difficult. Midea electric water heater not only meets your pursuit of bathing experience and health needs, but also caters to the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving concepts in modern society. Such a beautiful electric water heater with "talent" will surely become your best partner for warm bathing!

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