Home Feng Shui: Look over, the nine major styles of the home feng shui master bedroom design

In a home, the master bedroom of the hostess is the main body. The good subject is really good. The master bedroom design is very particular.


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1, the location of the master bedroom

Where is the master bedroom arranged? The first is to arrange in the deep, that is, the room farthest from the gate to be the master bedroom; secondly, to arrange in the Kyrgyzstan. Feng Shui believes that in a house, the gate, the kitchen, and the master bedroom are arranged in the Kyrgyzstan, and the inner part of the home feng shui is 70% Geely.

What is the Kyrgyz position? It depends on whether the relationship between the master bedroom and the gate is a relationship of mutual help. For example, the main gate is in the west side of the square, and the master bedroom is located in Zhengbeikan. In the five elements, the gold is the gold and the water is the water. This is the pattern of gold and water, which is a good pattern. The feng shui pattern of the master bedroom is good, indicating that the hostess and the family of the hostess and the children are eager to compete, the cause is smooth, and the wealth is good.

2, the size of the master bedroom

How big is the bedroom? Someone might say that a big bedroom is better. Especially those who have a wealth of wealth, like to make the bedroom very large, very luxurious, very stylish.

Is this good? not good. Because the bedroom is a place to rest, it is simple and comfortable.

The bedroom is too big, which is not conducive to the yang of the guardian, and the vitality of the preserver is not conducive to human health. In addition, the bedroom is large, called "the room is big and small", it is difficult to hide the wind and gather gas; but can not hide the wind and gather gas, the people's vitality is dissipated very quickly, the spirit will not be well maintained, and then the quality of sleep can not be guaranteed .

When people are sleeping, all physiological indicators are lowered to the lowest point, and the ability to protect themselves is also reduced to the lowest point, which is easily invaded by evil spirits. Some old people forgot to close the window before going to bed, which made them uncomfortable the next day. Although the "qi" thing can't be seen, it does exist. It is also undoubted that it is safe to raise people and hurt people. I have seen a person because of the greedy summer night, the fan kept blowing all night, and never woke up the next day. Therefore, as a bedroom, the room should be small and not large, which has nothing to do with poverty and wealth, but is closely related to people's health.


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3, the main bedroom furniture furnishings

In the "Notes on the arrangement of the bed", we have already said that the bed should be against the wall, especially the one where the head is located cannot be empty; there is no beam on the head, otherwise it will make people feel depressed and depressed.
In addition, the bed should not be facing the bathroom. Regarding this, I will tell a case. One of my friends bought a very luxurious four-bedroom, two-bedroom home. The decoration was very beautiful, but when I stayed for a few months, I felt headache, dizziness, and lack of energy. I went to his house and saw that the bedside of his bedroom was opposite to the bathroom. He told him that this is the root of the problem. In many luxury room designs, the master bedroom often has a bathroom. This is nothing, but it must be noted that the bedroom door must not face the bathroom door. If it is right, the smelly smell of the bathroom will always rush toward the bedroom, and the person who sleeps most lacks self-protection ability, and unconsciously inhales a lot of unclean gas, of course, it will cause headache, dizziness, mental discomfort. It is. Later, the friend selected a suitable direction to reposition the bed according to my opinion, and the head disease slowly healed.

The head should not be facing the bathroom, so is it right next to the window? Not good. This is because the window not only has the wind blowing, but also the various noisy sounds outside the window will disturb the peace of mind and affect sleep.
There are still some friends who are sleeping at the window when they are sleeping. Although this is better than the head to the window, it is still not good. Because the bedroom feng shui is not only considering indoor feng shui, it must also consider the feng shui outside the house. If there is a sharp corner near the window, there are roads and viaducts. It is called "ç…ž" in Feng Shui, and it is not good to have "ç…ž" directly to your feet.

Before and after the bed, say the left and right sides of the bed. Generally speaking, the left side of the bed is slightly higher than the right side, because the left is yang and the right is yin; the sun is heaven, the yin is ground, and the sky is low, which is the universal law of the world. In addition, the left is Qinglong, the right is Baihu, the Qinglong is Dajixing, the Lord is rich and safe, the White Tiger is the evil star, the Lord is poor and the disaster, and Jixing must of course press the fierce star to make the home quiet and calm, so that sleep is paralyzed. Appropriate beauty, no nightmare. Therefore, the tall wooden cabinet in the furniture is placed on the left hand side of the bed. There is also a saying in Feng Shui theory that the left side of the bed is tall and prone to boy; the right side is tall and prone to girls. If you want to have a girl's family, you may wish to place a tall wardrobe on the right side of the bed to make the left lower right.

The furniture in the bedroom, including beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, hangers, etc., are not made of metal materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc. From the analysis of the attributes of the five elements, because Jin is a strong, a sharp corner, a beggar, an attack, an injury, and a fierce, they are invisible to the human beings in sleep, but they do exist. It is best to make beds with wood and soil. Because wood and soil are soft, it will not cause harm to people. In southern China, the beds are mostly made of wood, and the northern countryside is made of bricks. The nature of this bed is soil, which is good for people's sleep and health.

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