High and low temperature test chamber manufacturers tell you about refrigeration compressors (4)

The high and low temperature test chamber manufacturers tell you the fourth section of the refrigeration compressor: without the participation of the compressor, the work of the evaporator cannot be sustained, because the liquid ammonia is heated and evaporated to become ammonia vapor, and the ammonia vapor gradually squeezes the space of the evaporator and evaporates The pressure in the reactor will gradually increase. When the pressure increases, the boiling temperature of liquid ammonia will rise. When the pressure finally rises to 1Kg / CM2 gauge pressure, the temperature will also rise to about -18 ℃. The temperature of liquid ammonia is the same as that of the cold storage. Because of the temperature balance, the heat cannot be transferred to the liquid ammonia, and the cooling stops. The task of the compressor is to evacuate the ammonia vapor generated in the evaporator, so that the pressure in the evaporator has been maintained at the 0.3Kg / CM2 gauge pressure required by our production. At this time, the pressure in the evaporator is called the evaporation pressure, and the temperature of the liquid ammonia in the evaporator is called the evaporation temperature. The ammonia vapor extracted by the compressor is not discharged to the atmosphere, but to the condenser. After the ammonia vapor is compressed into the condenser, the pressure of the condenser will gradually increase, and then the task of the condenser. We know that ammonia vapor carries the heat from the cold storage. The ammonia vapor is extracted from the evaporator by the compressor and then compressed into the condenser. Then the compressor has completed the task of transferring heat. Ammonia vapor is now collected in the condenser (with a lot of heat in the cold storage), the pressure continues to rise, and the temperature also rises with the pressure, for example, the pressure rises to 14Kg / CM2 gauge pressure, the temperature also Corresponding to rising to +39 ℃, if +34 ℃ cooling water is supplied outside the condenser tube, the ammonia vapor in the condenser will transfer heat to the water, and 264 calories of heat will be sent to the cooling water every time. One kilogram of ammonia vapor condenses into liquid ammonia and gives up most of the space occupied by the original ammonia vapor. If there is no way out for heat, the pressure in the condenser will continue to rise until the condenser explodes or trips to the safety valve. However, in fact, the discharge temperature of the compressor is not + 39 ° C at a gauge pressure of 14 kg / cm 2, but above + 100 ° C. This is because the work that the electric motor drives the piston of the compressor to compress the ammonia vapor is converted into heat, that is, the thermal work equivalent. This can make the bottom of the pump and the leather tube hot when we inflate the bicycle. The principle is the same. The compressor does 1KW of work on ammonia steam, which adds 860 calories of heat to the ammonia steam. This part of heat is sensible heat. It heats the ammonia steam and causes the temperature of the ammonia steam to rise. This heat is transferred to the cooling water , Will not be condensed by cooling water into liquid ammonia, only lower the temperature. Only when the temperature of the ammonia vapor drops to +39 ℃, the real condensation work will be carried out. When the condensation work continues, as long as the pressure remains unchanged, the temperature Will change.

The temperature at this time is called the condensation temperature, and the pressure at this time is called the condensation pressure. This is the job of the condenser. The liquid ammonia condensed in the condenser can be sent to the evaporator for continued use, but it must be controlled by a throttle valve, or if the ammonia vapor in the condenser that will not be condensed will pass into the evaporator, it will be messy. The throttle valve must be adjusted to the correct liquid ammonia supplement in the evaporator, which is the task of the throttle valve.

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