Green tea wash face natural anti-wrinkle

We may wish to use tea to wash your face, and stick to it can effectively prevent the above problems.

Green tea wash, natural wrinkle

There is a magical ingredient in tea: tea polyphenols. It can increase the skin's antioxidant level, prevent free radical damage to cells, and promote the growth of skin cells. An experiment in Japan confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E, which can effectively prevent wrinkles and delay aging. Tea polyphenols also contain a large amount of hydrophilic groups, which easily absorb moisture in the air and maintain the moisture of the skin. In addition, tannic acid in tea can also relieve dry skin and prevent wrinkles.

The method of washing your face is very simple. After cleansing the face, apply the tea to your face, gently pat it with your hands, or apply the cotton-repellent cotton to your face for 2~3 minutes, then wash it with water. You can also wash your face with tea first and then wash it with facial cleanser. After washing your face or applying face, be sure to rinse thoroughly with water to prevent tea pigment from penetrating into the pores.

Tea does not need to be too strong, and the concentration of tea can be used daily. Tea is best to be soaked on the same day. Evening tea can also be used to wash your face, but the effect is a little worse. The tea polyphenols will also oxidize to produce colored substances, which is not conducive to washing.

Tea is best made with green tea. Because green tea is unfermented, it maintains the natural characteristics of tea, which prevents aging and cleaning. Compared with the content of tea polyphenols, green tea > jasmine tea > oolong tea > black tea, so green tea wash is more ideal.

In addition to tea wash, you can also make a tea mask, mix green tea powder, flour, egg yolk, evenly on the washed face, wash after 20 minutes. It can eliminate acne and remove grease. >>>Remember the reason to prevent 7 long chloasma

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