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Gore-tex hiking shoes leak detection three procedures -3

The text of the centrifuge test indicates that the centrifuge test has entered the finished product testing of the hiking shoe and is the final test procedure for the quality of the shoe.

The staff will pour water into the measuring cup and will inject different volumes of water according to the size of the shoe size

The staff poured the water in the measuring cup into the shoes

Hiking shoes are placed on a centrifugal rack

Hiking shoes are placed in a centrifuge, the door is closed, and rotation is about to begin

Two pair of hiking shoes filled with water and spinning in a centrifuge

The shoes in question have a strong effect on the centrifuge.
The water in the shoe was thrown out, leaving a noticeable water mark on the centrifuge glass door

Water leaked from the red circle in the figure, indicating that there was a water leak in this area.
The factory will completely break the problem shoes, check the cause of the leak, find out where the problem lies in each process, find the problem and correct it.

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