Flat face change stereo for one minute

Flat face change stereo for one minute

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet to teach makeup, but in the morning, the lazy girls who are willing to spend half an hour tossing? Just need three products to quickly create a bright, natural and unpretentious Three-dimensional makeup.

Makeup steps:


Apply moisturizer and liquid foundation first, and apply a little concealer to the skin.


Use a brush to draw on the repair powder. It is important to choose a matte finish and no color cast (yellow or reddish). Matte repair powder makes the shadow look more natural.


Brush the repair under the cheekbone to the ear. Do not use the retrace method to brush the repair volume, but brush each time in the same direction, so that the repair capacity does not look dirty.


Use the eye shadow to brush the lower eyeliner and brush the same repair powder.


Use the eye shadow brush to sweep the repair powder at the eye socket to make a deep eye socket.


Choose a shiny blush and gently squeeze it with a blush brush.


In the apple muscle circle, the shiny blush is swept, and then the blush brush is erected. The X-shaped blush is more natural, and the X-shape can also help the face to have a three-dimensional effect.


Choose a liquid brightening product. The brightening liquid is more natural than the normal high-gloss powder. It can be integrated into the skin and will not make the skin look pale and heavy.


Apply three points above the cheekbones with a brightening solution.


Smudge open with a high-gloss brush.


Finally, use the remaining product on the brush to brighten your eyes, which will make your eyes look bigger.


A contoured makeup is done.

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