Five advantages of melamine tableware safety

Melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, is formed by heat and pressure pressing of melamine resin powder. It is widely used in the fast food industry and children's catering industry due to its light weight, beautiful appearance, low temperature resistance, boiling resistance and non-breaking properties.
There are five major advantages to using a melamine meal:
one. It has a ceramic feel, smooth texture, non-toxic and tasteless, and fully complies with national food hygiene standards and US FDA health standards.
two. Good insulation effect, and high heat insulation effect is not hot
three. It has strong heat resistance and can be cleaned and disinfected in a dishwasher below 120 °C.
four. Resistance to impact and impact, usually long service life
Fives. It has good chemical stability, is not easy to retain the taste of food, and is safe in all colors.
Xiaobian Insights: Due to the high price of melamine powder, some unscrupulous manufacturers directly use urea-formaldehyde molding powder as raw material to produce, so that the tableware produced has certain harm to the human body. If parents buy ceramic tableware, they must go to the regular store supermarket to buy. When purchasing, please check whether the appliance has obvious deformation, whether the surface is smooth, whether the applique pattern is clear, wrinkle-free, and whether there is color difference. If there is color, the tableware can be white. The napkin is rubbed back and forth to see if it fades.

UV Disinfection Bag

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UV disinfection bag

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