Features and precautions of kitchen appliance juicer

Juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into vegetable juice, small size can be used at home. It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker as early as 1930. This doctor is famous for inventing the world's first juicer and is known as the father of the active juicer. On this basis, designers later improved the juicers of different styles and different principles.

Now there are many brands on the market, various brands of juicers are dazzling, and their functions, styles, etc. are good. In fact, we buy juicers as long as the functions are not too complicated, as long as they have the most basic functions.

Juicers are actually electrical appliances used to squeeze out fruit and vegetable food juices. Putting fruits or vegetables in the juicer will squeeze out fresh fruit or vegetable juices. At present, the juicer is gradually becoming familiar to consumers, and its healthy and convenient functions have gradually made it popular in the family. But what brand of juicer is better? Which ones are more cost-effective juicers? It is what many people want to know now. Below I will briefly introduce the juicer for everyone.

main feature

1) The motor starts quickly, the speed is stable, the sound is light, and it is durable.

2) The cup material is excellent, with high transparency, firmness and hygiene.

3) The machine can be used continuously for one minute.

Juicing operation

1. Peel and core the vegetables and fruits first, wash and set aside, if the size is larger than the feeding port, please cut it down.

2. Place the juice cup at the juice outlet and the large slag collection hopper at the residue outlet.

3. Turn on the machine, put the fruits and vegetables into the juicer, and press down with the push rod to squeeze out fresh and delicious juice.


1. Do not directly flush the host with water.

2. Please do not touch the built-in switch with your hands before installing the cup.

3. The blade part and the cup must be fully tightened, otherwise, there will be dangers such as water leakage and cup falling.

Keep in mind when choosing a juicer: First, the machine must be simple to operate, especially for cleaning. Second, the quality is durable and there will be no parts that are frequently replaced. Third, the speed must be slow, at least below 100 rpm.

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