Exploring the traditional beauty of the evolution of Chinese furniture style

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Chinese people born in Sis and Changs are more and more confident in the increasingly powerful Chinese culture background. The Chinese style not only helps modern people to complete the exchange and growth with the world culture, but the balance, tranquility, and behind it. The indifferent lifestyle and attitude towards life are increasingly being respected by people.


Chinese style: Chinese style style refers to an interior design style formed under the influence of Chinese traditional culture. Its production is related to China's ideological culture, geographical features and humanistic environment. Traditional architecture, furniture, interior design, decorative patterns, etc. are all subject to Its impact. Specifically, in the interior decoration style, it refers to the characteristics of “shape” and “god” in Chinese traditional decoration in terms of interior layout, linear color tone, furniture layout, etc., combining the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance, and integrating traditional aesthetics and philosophy. Into the design.

Chinese style furniture

The furnishings and embellishments in the Chinese style exude Chinese literati.

The Chinese-style interior decoration features a balanced and balanced layout, and is well-balanced. The decorative details are finely crafted and varied; the spatial structure, interior furniture and decorative objects are mainly wood, and the shape is simple; the decorative colors are mainly black and red. Strong and mature; often with religious elements, outline the concept of Confucianism or Zen in the details.

Rise on the basis of Chinese furniture

Different from the "modern style" and "classical European style" from the exotic culture, the "Chinese style" is regarded as "old objects" in the era when the home style has just emerged - not popular. With the richness of the material life of the Chinese people and the continuous blending of Chinese culture and international culture, its value is like the wine in the old man, leaving a fragrance in all kinds of "new bottles"--new home style. Mark of.

According to Liu Yangcheng, a designer of Liu Yangcheng, who created the decoration, in 2000, people were not flustered by the "Chinese style." The traditional Chinese style is dominated by mahogany furniture. Due to this influence, the overall home style is dull. At that time, people just had a sense of beautification, and consumers pursued visual and sensory impacts and pursued strange cultural elements. From 2000 to 2005, European and classical styles were very popular. The siding and Roman columns became the "must have" decorative elements of every household.

Furniture style evolution

The use of Chinese classical elements is the finishing touch

After 2005, the value of traditional mahogany furniture was gradually recognized by people. In that year, Yang Bo, chairman of Yuan Henry Furniture, called it “the best era of mahogany furniture”. "Since then, from the aspects of architecture, art, scholarship, pop culture, etc., Chinese traditional culture has suddenly exploded, and the mahogany furniture industry has grown rapidly. At that time, the 'middle class' was a very popular concept, materially rich. The Chinese began to pursue culture and art. The inheritance, collection and high-value characteristics of mahogany furniture catered to the consumer taste and consumption psychology of these consumers."

Liu Yangcheng also admitted: "The basis of Chinese style is Chinese furniture. When mahogany furniture is just getting fired, many people do not plan home style according to home taste and living habits, but at home, the furniture is more The wealth and status of the owner. In the last two years, the lifestyle and living conditions have gradually been taken seriously. For example, some consumers who buy a villa will consider the real use of the house and then decide the layout style of the house. They demand natural comfort. Also want to reflect a certain cultural taste. The traditional Chinese style abandoned the full house of mahogany furniture, presented in a lighter, more ecological, natural way."

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