Experts talk about packaging design: The essence of product packaging design is strategic design

Packaging design is not for beautiful, good-looking, but for the sake of selling. There must be a glimpse of the effect, standing out at the end of the station and all of a sudden can be seen. Then the consumer is said to be moving on the package and try to buy it.

What I want to say is that the packaging design is coming out of the terminal, not flipping through the office.

When it comes to packaging design, many people and companies think that this should be the design company's business, but can a single design company really design a product package that suits itself? The author is not skeptical of the design company's packaging design capabilities, there are many design companies make a good product packaging.

But I believe that product packaging design can not be designed only for design, packaging design is not just a graphic design, but the responsibility of the product and the position in the entire product line is closely related, product packaging is not designed to appreciate, but Should be placed on the terminal shelves for consumers to buy.

The essence of product packaging design is strategic design.

The so-called strategic design, that is, product packaging and television advertising, print advertising and other promotional cooperation, product packaging design to meet the overall product structure and development trends, and the subsequent launch of product packaging into an organic whole, to meet the channel and the terminal Model and other principles.

Packaging design is a comprehensive reflection of factors such as corporate strategy, brand planning, product positioning, and purchase reasons. These strategic ideas are reflected in this small package. The ultimate goal is to “get hot on the shelf”.

In terms of packaging design, the most disturbed is the personal aesthetic of the person in charge of the company. They often judge packaging based on personal preferences, forgetting overall plans such as strategic plans, brand strategies, product definitions, and even not considering sales. Packaging may satisfy the preferences of the person in charge, but it does not satisfy the buyer's preferences and needs.

Through many years of market practice, the author summarized the following standards for product packaging design with “on-shelf-selling”.

Jump out from the same product

The primary problem of packaging design is to jump out of the terminal and form differences with similar products.

The author once communicated with a certain customer, so I asked the terminal to see that he took me to their store. Their product packaging doesn't look bad, but considering that the product's attributes are fast-moving items, it's not a good idea to put it under the "spotlight" of a specialty store. We came to the nearby Shang Chao, but to Shang Chao Li, I did not find their products for a long time. Finally, I saw the products under the guidance of corporate CEOs.

Undoubtedly, such product packaging is a failure, a single looks beautiful, but to the terminal, because it can not jump out of the consumer's line of sight, and finally flooded in many of the same products, and sales have become empty talk.

Product packaging design is most prone to problems: beautiful but not marketing, scientific and not marketing, obscure and not marketing, but not marketing, pale and not marketing.

The most typical side here is beautiful and not marketing. The majority of policy makers are concerned about the product packaging is not beautiful, but they think that beautiful is not beautiful, but a lot of beautiful packaging in their hands, but not necessarily effective on the terminal . Such product packaging design is by no means an isolated phenomenon in the country.

The premise of product packaging design is to obtain the terminal advantage, that is to say first to jump out of many similar products in the terminal.

Therefore, in the packaging design of the product, the packaging design always requires color first, copy second, and screen third. The purpose of using color is to jump out of many similar products to form differences.

When the author of the Shennong Bee language designer super-packaging, the main demand for red. Because when the author visited the market terminal, he found that most of the similar products were dominated by yellow and green, with almost no red color. In this way, "a little red in a million flowers" is formed. This color can jump out.

Yanghe blue classic packaging design also reflects this. In the packaging of numerous alcoholic products, almost all of them use red, but Yanghe's blue classic is blue, which has won the terminal advantage. The same is true of the golden wine, which pops out in blue in the red packaging of many gift wines, and creates a blue memory in the minds of people.

This is also thinking about shelves. Shelf thinking tells us that the product packaging you are designing is not the packaging of a single product designed, but the entire shelf, and most of the shelves have been designed by others, leaving only one space for you.

Therefore, for the designer, your packaging design is a blank-filling question, not an answer question, and there is not much freedom to play. Therefore, the idea of ​​packaging design is not to look at magazines, to find inspiration online, but to find inspiration at the terminal. The author often encourages company designers to visit supermarkets more often to observe the effects of various products and terminals. Only by switching to the market, can the packaging design be in line with market demand.

For designers who do not have shelf-thinking ideas, they often think that great product packaging, but it is difficult to achieve sales in the terminal.

Let packaging be the first salesman

The product packaging design is based on the premise that, without any sales promotion, after reading the purchase reasons and descriptions on the package, it can be determined and placed in its own shopping cart. In other words, you want to make packaging the first salesman or the only salesperson.

This is the second important element of packaging - copywriting.

First of all, it is necessary to refine the purchase reason of the product on the front side of the package. After allowing consumers to see the reason for the purchase, they have the impulse or desire to take it away. If there is doubt, look at the description on the packaging and try to buy it with determination.

Therefore, the product packaging design must be like a 15-second TV commercial. It is simple and straightforward. It goes straight to the topic and shows the buyer the reasons for purchase. The side or the back should be like a soft article and use the specified language to make the product features and purchase reasons more Persuasive, more credible, impress buyers, and try to buy.

Make packaging the first corporate media

There must be media thinking in designing product packaging. You should think of this packaging as the only media company to look at. Some industries are not suitable or have no resources for television advertising or print advertising. The packaging of products is its only media. Therefore, based on this premise to design product packaging. Some people may say that I have television advertising, outdoor advertising, and even print advertising. Can we ignore this premise? the answer is negative.

The packaging media has received the attention of many foreign companies. They regard packaging as an investment, and in their view, all media must be able to independently complete product sales, rather than all of the promotion are integrated to achieve an overall Sales.

Product packaging design must have continuity

I always demand that the packaging design not only be systematic, but also be able to build an extension platform for other products under the same brand, so that each investment will become a brand of value-added savings.

How to make it continuous and become a platform for follow-up products? The answer is: brand symbol!

About the brand symbol is not the author's original, but follows the point of view of Dr. Philip Kotler, use the brand symbol to connect the brand's information, use the brand symbol to tell consumers what kind of brand you look like.

Aiwa Shi luggage uses the image of an elephant. This image is both a corporate symbol and a corporate symbol. This elephant was applied to all of Avex's products and publicity. In the minds of people, only this symbol is Ai Hua Shi.

In the process of marketing planning for Saphia, we created a cartoon image of “Ada Chef”. Once this image is launched, it quickly attracts the attention of most consumers at the terminal, allowing consumers to know Sai Fei. The industry and products that Asia is engaged in also provide basic packaging design standards for the smooth listing of follow-up snack foods, making the company's external image more uniform, and spreading more time and effort, thus saving on promotion costs.

Transport packaging design can not be ignored

When designing and packaging, many companies pay attention to the design of small packaging, that is, the packaging design on the shelf, ignoring the design of transportation packaging. Transport packaging is aimed at different objects and small packages. In addition to targeting buyers, it also targets the purchase, warehouse management, and other groups. It is also a good medium for the dissemination of such people.

When designing packaging for Huaxue Brewery Company, the author visited the terminal and found that a large part of the transport packaging is sideways, which means that consumers are the first to see the side of the transport package, and all brands of transport packaging side All the ingredients, specifications, product names, addresses, telephones and other words were piled up. After discovering this problem, the author adjusted Huaxue's transportation packaging.

There are advertisements on the pillars of the Beijing subway station, but the advertisements are oriented to the carriages, and the direction of the flow of people is at an angle of 45°, which means that the designers did not observe the flow of people at the scene.

Sometimes, the advantages of transport packaging on the terminal may be more effective than advertising on the terminal. Can be comparable to outdoor advertising.

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