[Event News] The 9th Temujin Prairie Competition recently recruited riders and runners around the world.

Beginning on July 27th, the 9th Tiemuzhen Prairie Mountain Bike Race and the 8th Tiemuzhen Grassland Marathon officially began. The registration process has been opened recently.
Due to limited local reception capacity, the 2015 event limit is 1,500. As the popularity of the event in the country and internationally is gradually rising, all the places in the year of April 2014 have been full. If you want to register for the 2015 event, we strongly recommend that you register as early as possible.

In the group setting of the running competition, in addition to the full marathon, half-time and 10 km running were set. The individual time trial of the mountain bike race is still taking place on Friday morning (July 3), and the personal time trial is for the warm-up of the afternoon race. The current record holder for the time trial is Mongolian player Bat-Erdene Narankhuu, whose score is 10 minutes and 39 seconds. Friday afternoon is the opening ceremony and the first race of the mountain bike race. The second and third station mountain bike tracks in 2015 may change, but the distance of 200 kilometers in the three races will remain.

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You can register online by online registration (the blue button at the top right of the official website) and pay by online credit card (swipe is a US dollar account). If you don't pay by credit card, you can also pay via online banking or Alipay. It should be noted that please complete the payment within two weeks after the registration is submitted, otherwise your registration will be cancelled automatically.

Equipped with cool news articlesEquipped with cool news articles

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Equipped with cool news articles

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