Desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge use and precautions

1. Turn on the centrifuge power switch and enter the standby state. Second, choose the right rotor: Centrifugal tube can not exceed 2/3 of the total volume of liquid in the centrifuge, otherwise the liquid is easy to overflow; before and after use, pay attention to whether there is any leakage of liquid in the rotor, so that it should be kept dry. When converting the rotor, care should be taken to secure the bayonet shaft and the adapter of the rotor. The balance error of the centrifuge tube should be within 0.1 gram.

Pure Soft Makeup Remover
Key ingredients: laurate, glycerol, octanoic glycerol esters, etc.
Capacity: 100ml
It is suitable for removing the makeup of eyes, face and lips, cleaning and moistening, and replenishing moisture for skin.

Pure Soft Makeup Remover

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