Cosmetic bottle capacity "fat" need to regulate

Previously, we talked about cosmetic bottles, and more about overpacking cosmetics bottles. Including the cosmetic bottle material and appearance is too luxurious, the waste of cosmetic bottle packaging is to make people criticize the main aspects. However, there are other aspects of cosmetic bottles worth our attention and supervision.

In the packaging of cosmetic bottles, we can see the capacity of cosmetic bottles. However, in fact, some cosmetics companies have begun to use their brains in the capacity of cosmetic bottles in order to increase profits. On the one hand, although the capacity is marked on the outer packaging, the capacity of cosmetic bottles is not up to the standard. For example, the bottom of some cosmetic bottles is recessed, although the appearance of cosmetic bottles is very large. However, the internal capacity is very limited. In addition, increasing wall thickness through cosmetic bottles is an effective way to reduce internal capacity. However, ordinary consumers find it difficult to identify the actual capacity of cosmetic bottles. On the other hand, some cosmetics are not completely filled in the cosmetics bottle, often will be part of the empty, this part of the spare capacity of the cosmetics is not strictly limited, which also makes some cosmetics companies have moved their brains.

In view of this situation in cosmetic bottle packaging, we believe that it is still necessary to establish relevant standards to constrain cosmetic manufacturers.

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