China's constant temperature and humidity box industry leader

As a leader in China's environmental testing equipment industry, Yashilin Instruments truly makes the test equipment products better. High-quality products mainly refer to the quality control and after-sales service capabilities of the products. The high-quality blood system runs through the whole process of the test equipment product technology, process technology and organization technology. It runs through the various processes of the test equipment parts and supporting equipment processing, and the product assembly and commissioning of the test equipment runs through the installation and commissioning of the user site and after-sales. The service is all-round, full-process, and all-weather. Beijing Yashilin is the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system safety management system certification. It has perfect testing methods to ensure the quality of the environmental test chamber and the reliability of the test.

People-oriented, the pursuit of excellence. The research and development of Beijing Yashilin comes from the team of Dr. Haigui, who has worked in the international top-notch laboratory of internationally renowned ring test companies. The technological innovation and new product development are derived from the needs of customers and closely monitor the latest developments in the industry, and with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Other scientific research institutions work closely together. In the field of loop testing, many key and common technologies have achieved fruitful results, and have independent intellectual property rights and a number of technical patents. High and low temperature boxes, constant temperature incubators, salt spray boxes, xenon lamp weatherproof test chambers, walk-in non-standard test rooms and other products have made major breakthroughs in design, humidification, temperature control, remote monitoring, etc., taking the lead in the industry. A new environmental test chamber keeps up with the trend of environmental testing and reaches the international advanced level.


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