Check out the stunning 3D printed high heels that have been around for years.

High heels are love and hate for women! Although wearing high-heeled shoes is extremely uncomfortable, it is undeniable that high-heeled shoes can reflect the connotation and taste of a woman, and play a key role in improving women's temperament. In recent years, with the advent of 3D printing technology , 3D printed high-heeled shoes have been born, not only in shape but also in comfort, and great changes have taken place.

There are a lot of 3D printed high heels on the market today. The technology of 3D printing combines the advantages of 3D printing with the fashion elements, creating a pair of amazing high-heeled shoes. What are the wonderful high heels that 3D printing has brought to us today?

First, 3D printing "wooden high heels"

In 2014, two Dutch designers created several special high-heeled shoes using wooden materials with the help of the 3D printing service studio. The material consisted of 20% recycled wood and a polymeric binder, and the bottom of the shoe was printed using an Ultimaker 3D printer , which was then sewn with leather and copper wire. These shoes are more comfortable to wear and have an eco-friendly wooden sole and heel.

Second, the Italian designer 3D print black "flame high heels"

At the beginning of the Milan New Shoes Brand Exhibition, a company called United Nude brought new products at the show. The goal of the shoe show is to explore the boundaries of 3D printing technology and promote the development of 3D printing technology. For this exhibition, the chairman of United Nude invited five prestigious architects and designers to use 3D printing technology to print women's shoes. The company uses the 3D system's sPro 60 SLS 3D printer. These 3D printed shoes are made of hard nylon and the upper is printed in 3D. It takes about 24 hours to print each pair of shoes.

3D printed black "flame shoes" by Zaha Hadid

3D printed black "hoof shoes" by Ben van Berkel

3D printed green "mesh shoes" designed by Ross Lovegrove

That Michael Young designed 3D printed black "very comfortable shoes"

3D printed red "five-horn shoes" by Fernando Romero

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