Cheap online shopping within 500 yuan! 12 multifunctional lazy furniture

Recommendation 1: Japanese-style tatami sofa

Price: 359.00 yuan

Brand: Jia Yi

Product advantage: The product is in the Tmall promotion period, the original price is 897.50 yuan, the current price is 359.00 yuan.

Shopping guide reason: The pure white tatami is quite artistic, the soft and full appearance meets the lazy people's requirements for comfort, and the backrest is adjustable in 5 levels to meet the needs of lazy people to sit, lie down and lie down. The soft bags at both ends of the sofa can be stored, and magazines, remote controls, mobile phones, etc. that lazy people want to read can be stored in it, and you can get it when you need to use it.

Recommendation 2: Stylish beanbag lazy sofa

Price: 469.78 yuan

Brand: Orfan

Product advantage: The dynamic rating of the store is 4.9 points (out of 5 points), and the description matching score is 52.48% higher than the peer level.

Shopping guide reasons: this bean bag sofa has four styles to choose from to meet the needs of different people for different colors and patterns. Selected flannel fabric with strong three-dimensional sense, colorful and bright, soft touch, durable and durable. The interior of the sofa is filled with environmentally friendly particles and has fluidity. No matter what position it sits in, it still stays close to the body, ensuring that lazy people can enjoy the most comfortable sitting feeling.

Recommendation 3: IKEA creative cute folding lazy sofa

Price: 450.00 yuan

Brand: KBQ / Kapuqi

Product advantage: The counter price is 850 yuan, and the current price is 450 yuan.

Shopping guide reasons: rich and bright colors, casual and casual shape, this sofa is a full set of removable and washable, only a light pull the ramen can be disassembled, simple and convenient. This sofa can be adjusted in 5 levels. It is designed according to the curve of the human body and fits the body without sitting tired for a long time. The seat bag is thick and soft, and can be fully laid out to lie down and enjoy the feeling of lying on the quilt.

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Cow lazy sofa round tatami

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Market price: 300 yuan / set

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Recommendation 4: Lazy creative small sofa

Price: 498.00 yuan

Brand: ya / youao

Product advantages: brown, blue and red are available.

Shopping guide reasons: this sofa can be adjusted in multiple gears, whether it is the head of the chair or the waist, you can use the adjuster to select the desired gear, one-key easy adjustment, and enjoy the most suitable body comfort In addition, the sofa is equipped with a portable folding design, which can be moved at will, folded when not in use, and stored in the corner of the home without occupying space.

Recommendation 5: Oversized double folding air bed

Price: 278.00 yuan

Brand: Intime / Yingtai

Product advantage: When the shop is over 200 during the discount period, it will be reduced by 10 yuan, and when it is over 398, it will be reduced by 20 yuan.

Shopping guide reason: the surface material of this inflatable sofa is flocking fabric, the texture of the inflatable is thick, and the seat feels comfortable. If you are not satisfied with the function of only a sofa, you can also flatten the two-story sofa, the armrest can be detached, and it can be easily transformed into a bed, which is wide enough to satisfy the lazy people's pursuit of comfort.

Recommendation 6: Flocking lazy sofa bed

Price: 99.00 yuan

Brand: Intime / Yingtai

Product advantage: The product score is 5 points (out of 5 points), and the netizens' evaluation is not bad.

Shopping guide reasons: This lazy sofa is powerful, the sofa and bed can be converted freely, the two sides of the armrest are connected to the back, it is stable and comfortable, fits the back and gives the most comfortable support for the hand. When not in use, it can be folded up completely, and it is light in weight. It can also be packed in a backpack and taken to a park or the countryside.

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Gigabit Home Fabric Japanese Style Sofa Bed Lazy Sofa

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Market price: 1290 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 81

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Recommendation 7: Lazy bedside table with wheels

Price: 270.00 yuan

Brand: Hesenway

Product advantages: the original price was 540 yuan, and the current price is 279 yuan.

Shopping guide reason: pure wood color is natural and simple, thick board is more stable, and it can be stored on the side. This lazy table wins with wheels and is movable. When you need to use the table, you only need to stretch your hand and use it. It can be pulled to the bed or the chair, which is easy and convenient. Moreover, this table has a built-in brake function, not afraid of excessive force to cause a collision accident, a lot of worry.

Recommendation 8: Simple and stylish multi-function coffee table

Price: 188.34 yuan

Brand: Midas

Product advantage: The product score is 4.9 points (out of 5 points), and the comments from netizens are good.

Shopping guide reason: Lazy people always want all the things they can use at hand. While enjoying leisure, they do n’t want to move around because they want to take something. This multi-functional coffee table can fully meet this requirement. The multi-shelf design can store a lot of items, magazines, snacks, remote controls, mobile phones, chargers, etc. are all placed in it, as long as you need to reach out and get it, it is very convenient.

Recommendation 9: Creative fabric round mini side table

Price: 199.00 yuan

Brand: Creatwo

Product advantages: The original price was 499 yuan, and the current price was 199 yuan.

Reasons for shopping guide: The compact side table is easy to move and can be placed on the side of the bed, sofa, or computer table. The elegant white is easy to match, and it is not afraid of affecting the overall match. This coffee table can also be used as a chair, with a solid support and strong support. There is a large cloth bag under the coffee table, which can hold a lot of things, all the things you want to use are stored inside, and you can easily take it when you want to use it, which is convenient for full marks.

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Le Qiying lazy sofa is the hottest this summer in

Mall price: 799 yuan / piece

Market price: 999 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 8

product review:

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Recommendation 10: Foldable lazy dining table

Price: 499.00 yuan

Brand: Hesenway

Product advantage: The store service score is 4.7 points (out of 5 points), and the netizens' evaluation quality is good.

Shopping guide reason: the dining table is based on modern minimalist style, with soft colors and beautiful lines. Lazy people only need to open the dining table when dining, the equipped universal casters can move freely, and the dining table door can also be freely opened. The lazy people can open the dining table with a simple hand. When the dining table is not in use, it can be folded up and placed in the corner without hindering the place, which is very convenient and saves space.

Recommendation 11: Aluminum alloy folding lazy computer desk

Price: 268.00-298.00 yuan

Brand: Omax

Product advantage: The product score is 4.8 points (out of 5 points). Netizens generally feel good.

Shopping guide reason: This lazy table can adjust the height of the table with multiple card positions, which is suitable for bed use and floor use, and will be comfortable to the end. The powerful folding function can meet your office and leisure in any posture and in any posture anytime, anywhere. You can put your mobile phone, tablet and notebook on your desktop, and you can also meet your needs for breakfast and newspaper reading.

Recommendation 12: Double Lift Lazy Computer Desk

Price: 228.00 yuan

Brand: Huake

Product advantages: The dynamic rating of the store is up to 4.8 points (out of 5 points), and the service attitude is satisfactory.

Shopping guide reason: This lazy table is all high-grade metal material, the two desktops are suitable for the placement of notebooks and mice, and the angle can be adjusted. The desktop comes with a computer USB radiator, which can be easily plugged in to meet the notebook's heat dissipation requirements. It is not afraid of the computer heating for a long time. High-quality movable joints can be adjusted in height freely, no matter what posture they are used to meet the needs.

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